Ways to Reduce Needless Fuel Spend for Florida Fleets


There are several aspects to managing a company fleet. Scheduling, logistics, and vehicle maintenance are just a few of the most important components of fleet management. Another top priority for fleet managers is saving money. Companies that operate fleets are constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and spend less on fuel.

Using a Florida fleet card is a smart way to reduce fuel spending. Here are three ways the right fleet card can help you reduce needless fuel spend.

Use a Fleet Fuel Card with Online Tracking

Fleet managers can’t control highly volatile fuel prices. However, they can control how much gets spent on fuel. A fuel card that offers automatic expense tracking is one way to keep a close eye on how much drivers are spending on fuel.

Look for a provider with an online reporting system that sends you a notification every time there is a transaction. This way, you’ll know whenever a driver purchases fuel and can act if you see an unusual or excessive spending pattern. This will also help reduce the chances that a driver will use your company’s fleet card for personal purchases.

Use a Fleet Fuel Card with Customizable Controls

Ideally, fleet managers want to lead a team of drivers who are as cost-conscious as they are and who will adhere to fuel spending guidelines. However, there may be occasions where drivers spend more on fuel than budgeted or use your company fleet fuel card for personal items. One way to avoid these situations is to use a fleet fuel card that allows you to set purchasing limits.

Look for a fleet fuel card that lets you customize purchasing limits including the time of day and day of week fuel can be purchased, as well as the number of gallons per transaction, per day and per week. A fleet fuel card company with a broad range of controls can also let you set limits on the type of fuel that can be purchased.

Use a Fleet Fuel Card That Provides Comprehensive Online Reports

Having access to a wealth of data is key to keeping your company’s fuel costs in check. However, with fleet managers pressed for time as they juggle multiple priorities, having that data organized in a useful format is equally important.

Look for a fleet fuel card that provides comprehensive reporting tools. These reports should be easy to customize with data points that are meaningful to your company and should be easily accessible online. The information in these reports will make it easier to analyze fuel spending patterns and identify areas where company resources are being squandered.

The Fuelz fleet card is the best choice for effective fuel management, purchasing controls, and advanced reporting tools that help your company save money at the pump every day. Contact us at 855-GO-FUELZ to start saving today.