Florida Fleet Card

florida-i4-westFlorida fleets already get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state of Florida but like all fleets, these fleets would like to also enjoy better profit margins and a lower fuel cost. With the Fuelz Fuel Fleet Card, Florida truckers and fleet managers can now enjoy that! With the Fuelz Fleet Card, fleets have the ability to fully manage and monitor spend of their whole fleet in real time.

The Fuelz Fleet Card offers several different ways to save fleets money and help you manage your fleet in a more efficient manner.

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Fuelz: Fleet Cards for Florida

Fuelz is an Alabama-based fuel company that services the southeast. Fuelz has offices in Alabama and Atlanta, which offer customer support in the same timezones for Florida customers. We have a great offering o

We have great coverage with fuel stations in Florida. Whether you are driving down I-4 or US 41 in Florida, the Fuelz Fleet Card offers our Florida Fleet customers coverage all around the state and to a nationwide network as well. For a list of our nationwide network as well as our Florida Fleet Fuel Stations, visit our Fuelz Site Locator.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer service team is dedicated to finding a fuel management solution that will meet all of the needs of your fleet. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and is here to help you through every step to help your fleet save money! Savings at the pump are what most expect from a fleet card, but there are so many other great features of the Fuelz Fuel Fleet Card!

  • Receive discounts and rebates on fuel
  • Fully customizable management tools
  • Real Time Fleet Finance Controls
  • Dynamic Online Reporting
  • Special Benefits for Government Fleets
  • Dedicated In-House Customer Support

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