Fleet Fuel Expense Reports

A very important aspect of fleet fuel management is record keeping. To do this on your own, you would have to put together trip reports from every driver for every trip, keep a record of every driver operating a vehicle on a given workday and spend hours reconciling receipts for each individual fuel purchase.

With our dynamic reporting, you are able to customize your notifications and access transactions immediately to address any issues or discrepancies. Our automated reporting also eliminates the need to sort through receipts, which can save your company costly administrative time.

Our online reports represent every major aspect of your fuel purchasing, including:Gas Pump | Fuelz

  • Tracking
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Cost
  • Tax
  • Merchant Name and Location

Real-time Tracking

Our fleet card adds agility to your business transactions, so you get the information when you need it. Without fleet card flexibility, it’s harder to effectively manage your fleet expenses. Your data can get lost, be inaccurate or include lots of unauthorized purchases that can drain your budget. Any of these issues can cause problems if they aren’t taken care of right away.

Our real-time tracking gives you the ability to check in on your transactions whenever you find necessary. When your drivers make a purchase, it is instantly reflected in the online report so you know about it.

This allows you to keep an eye on each purchase and make sure that your employees only spend your fleet’s money for fuel rather than personal use. If troubles arise with the spending, you can take care of the situation when necessary.

Automated with Customization

Customizable plans are key to making sure that you get the best service that fits the demands of your fleet. If a case comes up where you realize that your fleet’s money is being misused, you can fix the problem before it creates a financial nightmare.

Our reports are automated so you get the information you need without the overhead of waiting for updated data.

Featured Data

When it comes reported data, it’s easy to get caught in the sea of numbers and figures that may not be relevant to your particular fleet. While all of these numbers have a purpose, it’s good to have your most important figures in easy view.

At Fuelz, we feature the data that matters the most to your fleet, so you can have easy access to the information that you use on a consistent basis and other highlighted points of interest. We are committed to providing your fleet information in a usable, cohesive package.

All of your fueling data is consolidated into a single report that is available online in real-time, allowing you to identify any problems become they become another unauthorized expense.

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