Fuel Card Services

More Than Just a Card

With over 50 years in the fleet fuel management business, we’ve come to understand what fleets need out of a fuel card. The Fuelz Fuel Card is accepted nationwide and has the fuel card services needed to help you manage your fleet effectively.

Every fleet is different.

Company vehicles are used for a wide range of jobs, from heavy construction work to transportation and cargo delivery. Just as all these jobs require different skills, the fleets that handle those jobs have different fueling needs. You may benefit from using a single on-site fuel location or you may need to fuel at different places throughout the city during the day. A “one size fits all” solution doesn’t always work in the fleet industry. Each fleet is different, so each solution must be different as well.

With the many variations in the way businesses work, keeping track of fueling without help can be difficult. Too many small details can slip through the cracks, costing you money if you aren’t paying attention. Our customer support team can help your fleet with tracking expenses and generating the reports you need for your business. As a result, you can oversee everything and not miss a single detail.

Little Expenses Add Up.


When you keep track of fueling expenditures on your own, you may miss a few little things here or there. Whether it’s a few extra hours at the office compiling receipts or a few convenience store items purchased by drivers, you’ll start to see those numbers add up to a significant amount over the course of a year. A Fuelz Fleet Card keeps these expenses under control and helps eliminate any unauthorized purchases. We provide an optional setting to only allow fuel purchases, ensuring that your drivers don’t pick up the occasional snack on your bill.

A Fuelz Fleet Card ensures that you only spend what you need. We put together a purchasing plan that is based on your needs rather than flooding your bill with extra, unnecessary features. We trim the features and plan to fit your fleet’s standards in order to optimize the use of the Fuelz Fleet Card.

Quality is the Key to Success

When fleets look for a fuel management system, it is important that it suits their needs and is easy to use. You may be able to save money with some cards, but unless a knowledgeable staff that understands the customer’s needs backs up the system, you may not realize the system’s full potential. We are dedicated to providing a quality service and product.

By watching the way fleets fuel for decades, we’ve come to understand what fleets need and how to make sure they get it. Using a Fuels Fleet Card gives you the power of our experience and get gets you on the road to saving up to fifteen percent on your fleet fueling expenses.

Local and In-House

The Fuelz Fleet Card is offered nationwide and has an in-house customer support team that is dedicated to the highest level of customer care. With offices in both Alabama and Georgia, we have a team that understands the locale and can offer advice that only a team with local understanding could offer. Our fleet card is accepted at over 50,000 fueling stations nationwide. We’ve worked with fleets in the following states:

At Fuelz, we are committed to helping you manage your fleet’s fuel expenses while saving you money in the process. Our fleet card meets your fleet’s needs because a fuel company designed it rather than a credit card company. We are dedicated to providing service that fulfills and exceeds your expectations.

Stop losing money and take control of your fleet!

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