Fuel Card Savings

Fuel prices are a cause for concern for every fleet. With rising prices and uncertainty about where they may end up next, it’s important to save every penny that you can at the pump.

How You Save with Us

  • Per-gallon rebates and discounts to help save money at the pump
  • Expense tracking with real-time reports and notifications on every purchase
  • Choose from our customizable purchasing limits such as time of day, day of week, gallons per week, and many more
  • Comprehensive fuel reporting for purchases on and offsite
  • Change purchasing settings as your needs change, and watch your savings increase

The Fuelz fleet card provides rebates and discounts based on every gallon of fuel purchased, so you’ll start to see savings from the moment you fill up your vehicles. Our cards are accepted nationwide at major brands like Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Pilot, Flying J, Loves, and more, so your fleet can save wherever it goes.

A fleet card also helps to stop one of the biggest money leaks for any fleet: unauthorized purchasing. If an employee purchases a drink and a snack at each fueling stop, you could easily add $0.30 per gallon to that overall fuel purchase.

The Fuelz fleet card allows you to set purchasing controls, such as fuel-only spending and filling restrictions, to stop unauthorized spending before it starts. Combined with our real-time reporting to keep your fleet managers informed, you will have more control over fuel purchases and the peace of mind that every dollar you spend is going into a company vehicle.

Stop losing money and take control of your fleet!

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