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Paul Newton | Fuel Card Testimonials | Fuelz

Recently we implemented your Fuelz Fleet Card at all four of our dealerships. I just wanted to reach out and let you know we have already seen the benefits of the security and control features. The on-line management system is also proving to be a great tool to help us manage our fuel purchases even better.

The exception reports have proven to be very useful. I received an email shortly after our shuttle driver fueled up at a local station. It said he purchased premium fuel which was .30 cents more a gallon. When I asked the driver why he said he has always put premium fuel in it despite the fact it only calls for 87 Octane.

This is one of many savings we have experienced. It has helped our comptrollers manage our fuel purchases more effectively and efficiently. Thank you again for your time and help getting this program set up for our dealerships.

Paul Newton

Seam Auto Group

Charles Tyler | Fuelz

McPherson has been a valued partner for over 8 years. Their fleet card offers superior accountability and control.

Charles Tyler

Jefferson County

G McMichael | Fuelz

It is a pleasure to work with McPherson, and we look forward to many years of continued partnership.

G. McMichael

International Paper

Greg Gibbon | Fuelz

Reconciling fuel bills used to take me several hours a week and now they just take minutes with automatic reporting.

Greg Gibbons

Ed Voyles