Control Fleet Fuel Expenses

When you put together a budget for fuel purchasing, you assume that every cent will go to your vehicles’ tanks the way you planned. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You have to think about and count on unauthorized purchases such as drinks, snacks or even a personal fill-up. Even just one personal convenience store purchase by one driver can have serious impacts on your budget.

Our Fuelz fleet card provides the best-in-industry controls to keep you in control of your expenses. Our real time online tools allow you to check and change your settings online at any time to meet your needs.

Purchasing Limits

When using the Fuelz Fleet Card, you have the ability to set purchasing limits based on what you need. You can set these limits by the following measures:

  • Time of Day
  • Gallons Per Transaction
  • Transactions Per Day
  • Gallons Per Day
  • Day of Week
  • Gallons Per Week

You can use these limits to give an added level of protection from unauthorized spending. It increases the control you have over your fleet’s spending and ensures that your money is going to where you intended.

Accurate Readings

With large fleets, it’s easy for important information to fall through the cracks, which allows for your drivers to take advantage of your fleet’s spending. In some cases, the person using the card isn’t necessarily the person who is authorized to use it.

Our fleet card requires your driver to show identification when using the card so you know who is using your card and your money. This feature will protect your card in case it is stolen and prevents any funds from being abused.

We also verify odometer readings for your fleet to ensure that your fuel readings are accurate. This allows you to purchase the right amount of gas for your vehicles without losing money in the event that your drivers waste fuel.

Instant Notifications

Instant emergency alerts are important when managing your fleet. In the event one of your fleet cards is stolen or misused, you need to be able to act quickly to prevent losing money.

If trouble arises, such as an incorrect driver ID or odometer information, we will send you an immediate email notification to let you know that there is a problem. We will give you the necessary information to determine if the purchase was permitted, and we will shut off the gas pump until you verify the purchase information.

This prevents your card to be used in an unapproved manner, either from theft or misuse from current employees, which can drain your fleet’s account. These notifications will alert you so you can handle the problem head on without worry that you are losing money.

Fuel-Only Safeguard

Another way we prevent unauthorized card usage is through our fuel-only spending option. This option prevents employees from using the card to purchase personal items at convenience stores while they fuel their vehicle.

You may not mind your drivers buying drinks and snacks while on the road, just not on your dime. These purchases can add up over time, costing your fleet a lot of money in the end.

With our fuel-only option, your drivers will only be able to use the fleet card on fuel and fuel alone. This ensures that your money goes to its designated purpose rather than letting it snake out through non-fuel-related means. Through this option, you can keep track of your fleet’s transactions so you only pay for what you need rather than unnecessary fluff.

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Your fleet’s financial security is our priority. We are dedicated to providing the best service for your fleet card needs. Our real time controls give you the ability to stop problems as they come, saving you money in the process.

With the level of control we offer, you’ll never lose track of another penny at the pump. Let us take care of your fleet management needs. Apply today to have the ultimate in fuel economy management.

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