Fuel Card Benefits

Commercial fleets have unique needs when it comes to purchasing fuel. With multiple drivers and vehicles working all over your business area, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly how your fuel dollars are being spent and if they are being spent in an approved manner. The Fuelz Fleet Card shows you where every fuel dollar goes and can save you as much as fifteen percent on your overall fuel expenses. In addition, you have many options to stop unauthorized purchasing, saving you money over time as the purchases begin to add up.

Savings with a Fuelz Fleet Card

With fuel prices on the rise, any way to save money makes a big impact. Fuelz Fleet Card is used nationwide at numerous gas stations. A fleet card helps to save you money in several ways:

  • Per-gallon rebates and discounts save you money at the pump.
  • Notifications after every purchase keep you up-to-date on budget changes.
  • Settings can prevent unauthorized spending and purchasing limits set boundaries to prevent overspending.
  • Thorough purchase reporting.
  • Real-time online checking allows you to view fleet card information at any time.
  • Fit purchasing settings to your needs rather than paying for unnecessary features.

Complete Customization

We don’t offer “One size fits all” solutions to your fueling needs. We work to figure out what features are necessary to your specific needs. Our complete customization options allow for hands-on management solutions and real-time maintenance over your fleet. Here are a few ways that we customize your Fuelz Card to fulfill your expectations:

  • Real-time Spending Updates and Alerts.
  • Flexible Purchasing Limits and Settings.
  • Easy, Hands-on Management Options.

Real-time Controls

Real-time controls let you track expenses and update purchasing controls at any time, eliminating costly administrative time. Here are a few examples of the controls we can place on your Fuelz Fleet Card so you can stay on top of all of the card’s transactions:

  • In order to use the Fuelz card, you need to provide a driver’s license and correct odometer readings to prevent drivers from using unapproved funds.
  • Your fleet can implement a fuel-only purchasing option to ensure that your drivers use your money for its allocated purpose.
  • You can change your options and settings at any time to guarantee that you save money and stay in control of your fleet’s spending.
  • If situations run awry with the card, Fuelz will notify you immediately and shut off the pump to stop unauthorized fueling.

Dynamic Reporting

Managing fleet data is important. Fuelz keeps track of all of your expenses and usage and provides a comprehensive report to document all transactions. The optional notifications will alert you to ensure that any pressing issues are dealt with immediately. In addition, reports are available online so you can access the information in real-time.

Public Sector

We also have special benefits designed specifically with government fleets and other businesses in the private sector in mind. Fuelz works with numerous tax-exempt organizations to grant special benefits. In addition, we also host tax-exempt filing and reporting for your fleet, saving you money and time in the process. The likelihood of fraud and abuse decreases significantly with Fuelz’ simplified process.

Customer Service

At Fuelz, we have been helping companies manage their fleets’ fueling expenses through our expertise, experience and our one-on-one relationships with every customer. We are committed to having a profitable, long-term relationship with our partners. We communicate in a formal and methodical way in order to make sure that we provide a quality product as well as quality service.

Managing your fuel expenses isn’t just about saving money; it’s about staying in control of your fleet and being a good fleet manager. And with the Fuelz fleet card, whether you are in Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama, you’ll save on fuel in our nationwide network of major branded and unbranded locations, backed up by the only fleet fuel management provider with a forty-year tradition of hands-on, customer-focused service.

Stop losing money and take control of your fleet!

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