Customizable Fleet Cards

No fleet is the same, so when it comes to fleet cards, one size does not fit all. That’s why we created the Fuelz Fleet Card—designed by a fueling company, not a credit card company.

Our card gives your drivers the flexibility they desire, with the systematized reporting you need on the back end. Payment structure, reporting, bulk discounts, and card network are just a few of the customizable options you’ll love.

With Fuelz, you have the convenience of a nationwide fueling network, with local support to meet your fleet’s demands. Save at the pump today and improve your bottom line over time.

Why Is Fleet Card Flexibility Needed?

Even the smallest truck fleets can have many complex transactions, making it easy for problems to go unnoticed and drain your expenses. A customizable card keeps you on top of your fleet’s spending habits before it’s too late.

As a fleet manager, you may find yourself in one (or more) of the following situations that can be relieved by a Fuelz Fleet Card.

Unauthorized Spending

Convenience stores live up to their name—drivers can conveniently walk in to the store while their truck is filling up to pick up a few snacks for themselves. This is defined as unauthorized spending. With every driver spending the company’s dime on personal snacks, the cost adds up over time, especially when multiplied across the fleet.

A Fuelz Fleet Card is flexible enough to put a halt to unauthorized spending. By only giving them the ability to purchase fuel or setting a limit to personal purchases, you stop this fraudulent behavior before it even begins.

Over Fueling

Unfortunately, spillage at the pump is a common, but costly, act. Protect your budget with a fleet card which prevents a driver from over fueling and overspending. Customize your card to only let drivers spend a predetermined amount or pump to a certain volume of a gas. This prevents you from overpaying for spilled fuel, saving you money.

For each transaction, it’s easy to overlook a few dollars overspent here and there, but this is a slippery slope for fleet managers. With time, these overages can cause your fleet’s bottom line to spiral. 

What Can I Customize?

Real-Time Exception Alerts

Receiving overspend notifications in real time helps prevent and stop fraudulent behavior as it’s happening. Set up email alerts for suspicious behavior as well as reporting updates to help you have an accurate, updated, birds-eye view of spend.

Customizable Purchasing Limits

Depending on the size and schedule of your fleet, you can customize its purchasing limits. A few of the restrictions include time of day, day of the week, or total gallons per week. Set up limits to prevent fraudulent spending and maintain control of your budget.

Flexible Options

We know that your fleet’s needs will continuously change, so you’re card’s settings are never set in stone. You can add on or remove restrictions as your fleet fluctuates, ensuring you never overpay for unused services. As gas prices and routes change, so can your fleet card.

Updated Reporting

Crunching numbers isn’t fun, so we’ve done the work for you. Fuelz will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate reporting information you need to maintain a successful fleet. Our solutions keep you consistently updated on all of your fleet’s transactions, so you know where your money is going and how it can be better managed.

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