South Carolina Fleet Card

With gas prices going up and down depending on the season, it can be hard to manage your personal gas budget, much less for an entire fleet. This uncertainty combined with the added simplicity of using a single card rather than reimbursing receipts or handing out credit cards has made fuel cards essential for proper fleet management.

With Fuelz Fleet Cards, you can not only keep an eye on your fleet’s gas usage, but you can customize your experience to perfectly suit your fleet with our built-in fuel management tools. With such features as real-time exception alerts, customizable purchasing limits and adaptable set-up options, Fuelz Fleet Cards are the flexible option you need to take care of your fleet not just in your home state of South Carolina, but across the nation.

Serving South Carolina

Fuelz is an Alabama-based fuel company that specializes in working with southeast fleets. With offices in Alabama and Atlanta, our customer support operates in the same timezone as South Carolina customers, ensuring that you have help right when you need it.

We delight in serving fleets in South Carolina. We know that your drivers need help when they’re fueling up on I-20 on the way to Florence or heading down I-77 Columbia. But never fear – there are over 1,700 gas stations in the state of South Carolina that accept Fuelz Cards, including Valero, Exxon Mobil and Citgo stations. So whether they’re driving I-26 to Charleston or as they’re passing the Peachoid Tower in Gaffney heading down I-85 to Greenville, your drivers will be able to find a station that is suitable for them.

Features of a Fuelz Fleet Card

A Fuelz Fleet Card does more than give you a dedicated account for your fuel purchases. Since this card was designed and developed by a fuel company, not a credit card company, we know that you need more to manage your fleet properly. We give you the flexibility to customize your account, along with added benefits like:

  • Per-gallon discounts and rebates
  • Management Customization Tools
  • Real-Time Management Controls
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Benefits for Government Fleets
  • “Hands-on” Customer Support

All of these benefits come from a company with 40 years of experience and customer care.

Saving Your Bottom Line

However, all benefits aside, the most important thing a fuel card should do is save you money. The Fuelz fleet Card solution will provide comprehensive reporting on where each dollar is spent on fuel and can save you as much as 15% on your fleet spending.

The Fuelz Fleet Card gives your drivers coverage all around the state and access to a nationwide network as well as saving you money. So, No matter what you might need, as James Taylor would say, we’re going to Carolina in our minds.

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