What Other Products Does My Fuel Card Cover?

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When your business depends upon having a full fleet of working vehicles at your disposal, repair and maintenance needs can leave you in the lurch. Whether the road has taken its toll on your vehicles’ tires, taxed their transmissions, burdened their brakes, or exhausted their exteriors, there’s only one thing on your mind: making sure your fleet stays fully operational.

Using a fuel card company not only provides fleet managers with an easy way to track employee fill-ups and reduce unauthorized spending, it also takes the headache out of vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Regardless of where your vehicles are located when they need attention, having a network of trusted maintenance partners can help fuel card holders get back out on the road.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to minimize your fleet’s down time is to ensure that all your vehicles receive regular preventative maintenance. Changing out dirty oil, replacing drained fluids, checking for leaks, changing worn out belts, replacing dirty air filters, and keeping tires properly inflated will go a long way toward keeping your fleet moving.

Many automotive care companies offer preventative maintenance programs to fleets with fuel cards. Find out which repair and maintenance service shops your fuel card partners with and develop relationships with the ones you trust so that you always know where to turn when your vehicles need minor tune-ups close to home.

Repairs & Replacement Parts

Even with the most vigilant care, sometimes fleets require more substantial maintenance. Whether you have a vehicle that needs a new battery installed, fresh tires mounted, brakes pads replaced, or a transmission rebuilt, your fuel card can point you to a reputable repair shop.

And by choosing a fuel card that partners with a wide selection of well-known auto maintenance professionals, you’re sure to find one that allows you to pay with your fuel card, no matter where your vehicle breaks down.

Body Work & Rebranding

The road and the elements can take their toll on your fleet’s exteriors, too. If your cars, trucks, or vans look like they’ve seen better days, your business may benefit from an automotive facelift. With the right fuel card, touching up chipped paint, revealing a new logo, smoothing out bent fenders, or replacing an entire door becomes almost as easy as filling a tank of gas.

Having one card for all your fueling, repair, and maintenance needs simplifies fleet management. Fuelz works with many mainstream maintenance professionals so that you can get your company vehicle repaired almost anywhere. To see a full list of our maintenance service partners, go to our Fuelz site locator and click on Maintenance Brands.

To start enjoying easier fleet management right away, contact us at 855-GO-FUELZ to apply for the Fuelz fleet card today.