Traits of a Great Truck Driver

As the rising demand for reliable truck drivers creates more and more jobs for truck drivers, the shortage of qualified drivers can be a thorn in the side of the fleet manager attempting to fill the holes.  Besides proper license and paper work, here are some of the top traits you want to look for (or, if you’re a driver, possess) when hiring a driver for your fleet:

  1. Safety and Responsibility – The best truck drivers always have safety and customer satisfaction on their minds. They perform regular maintenance on their rigs to stay up to code at all times. They follow all safety protocols when loading, unloading and driving their transport vehicles. They are also mindful of the other drivers on the road.  And because the best truck drivers budget their time well, they will do all of the above while still arriving on time with their shipments, which keeps clients and customers happy.
  2. Stress Management – Have you ever had to drive through a busy city like Atlanta or LA? Or drive 8-10 hours to reach your destination?  Now imagine doing that every day.  Truck drivers must be able to manage the stress of the road, especially those truck drivers who carry hazardous chemicals, gas transport, or other dangerous fleet in long haul.
  3. Self- Dependence – Unlike other professions, truck drivers spend most of their work time alone on the road. They may face unexpected difficulties while driving like traffic jams, mechanical issues, etc. Great truckers must have ability to solve many issues well on their own whenever it happens.
  4. Mechanical Knowledge – The most seasoned truck driver will tell you that when you’re out on the road and something sounds off or breaks down, you will need to know what it is and how to fix it. Good truckers can perform repairs and maintenance to meet safety standards. Tasks such as changing a tire, or a light bulb is not a difficult task for any qualified truck driver.
  5. People skills – Wait, how does this play into being a good truck driver? Truck drivers do spend most of their time alone on the road, but they also have frequent interactions with clients, employers, and warehouse crews. Many times, the truck driver is the face of your company or client.  Having strong people skills allows trucks drivers to represent their employers well and deliver excellent customer service to clients.

While there is a high demand for truck drivers, it’s important for fleet managers to not skip corners and make sure the driver is fit for their fleet.  Great truckers know how to get along with employers, clients and other cars on the road.  Having the best fit to represent your fleet is your number one priority as a manager.


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