Top 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Running a large fleet comes with its challenges. From measuring fuel consumption to choosing the right fuel card services, fleet managers are forced to make decisions that consistently impact the bottom line.

As a result, many of them resort to using GPS tracking for their fleet, giving them an “eye in the sky” at all times. Are you considering implementing GPS fleet tracking? Here are the top 5 benefits of GPS fleet tracking.

1. GPS Fleet Tracking Leads to Reduced Downtime and Expenses

As a Fleet Manager, reducing downtime and operating expenses is one of your primary concerns. GPS tracking allows you to track whether vehicles are being used efficiently on the road, keeping fuel consumption and driver overtime to a minimum.

2. Deal with Less Paperwork with GPS Fleet Tracking

Instead of filling out mountains of paperwork, GPS tracking can be used to authorize the fact that your delivery has reached its final destination. This can be incredibly efficient, streamlining your documentation and logistics processes.

3. GPS Offers Better Routes

GPS tracking technology is constantly being updated of the latest road developments, with some systems even taking real-time, live traffic into account, too. Your driver may be used to driving down a certain route, but a GPS system may be able to suggest a better route which will actually save them time and fuel.

4. How GPS Reduces Insurance Premiums

Just as telematics systems can reduce car insurance premiums, GPS tracking systems can reduce the premiums of your transportation vehicles. A good GPS system could save you up to 35% on your insurance premiums, which could be a massive saving when you take your entire fleet into account. In addition to using the right fleet fuel card, reducing your insurance premiums is a great way to reduce your expenses and overheads!

5. Improve Management with GPS

Fleet Managers aren’t mind readers – they don’t always know where their drivers are at any given time. However, GPS fleet tracking allows managers to monitor their fleet and assess driver performance and behavior in real-time, meaning drivers will tend to be more careful and follow workplace standards more carefully.

This birds-eye view allows fleet managers to manage more effectively, making decisions based on real-time data that are conducive to the overall efforts of the fleet.

Knowledge is power, and GPS fleet tracking empowers fleet managers to make sensible and efficient business decisions. If you’re looking for more ways to save, considering implementing a fleet fuel card. Get in touch with a member of our team. Our card was designed and developed by a fuel company, not a credit card company.

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