Tips for Enforcing Good Fuel Card Practices 

Enforcing Good Fuel Card Practices | FuelZ

Keeping fuel usage in check can be a point of contention between employees and employers. Partnering with a fuel card services provider can make this easier for fleet managers.

Good practices such as open communication, using comprehensive fuel reporting, and a strong relationship with a fuel card company will help a fleet manager get the most out of what a fuel card program has to offer.

Communication is Key to Good Fuel Card Practices

Having the trust of your fleet drivers is very important. Drivers must be brought on board with the goals of implementing a fuel card program. One way to do this by letting drivers know the details of your fuel card policy. Advise them on spending limits and other controls that have been set on each card. It’s helpful to inform them that this is not micromanagement, but a way to save money so that the company stays a profitable place to work. You can also tell them that using a fleet fuel card makes their lives easier because they don’t have to pay with their personal card and then go through the hassle of reimbursement.

Get Comprehensive Reporting from Your Fleet Fuel Card Provider

In order to better track fleet performance you need a fuel card monitors each truck. This data can be used to determine who purchased fuel and what type of fuel was purchased. These real time controls allow for spending that can be halted on a dime or opened up to permit road repairs. Customization allows you to specify time of day for fill-ups and limits on fuel type. Even more than that, this data is helpful for keeping maintenance schedules.

Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Fuel Card Company

Open lines of communication are key in relation to your fuel card provider. They can alert you when spending begins to look abnormal and identify unauthorized purchases. They can provide you with customized notifications and customer support that helps to effectively manage your fleet. Emergency notifications can be set to send to you when fuel limits are exceeded.

When you choose Fuelz as your provider you will be able to implement a fuel card program that’s easy to manage. We provide you with everything you need to bring your employees on board while saving your company money on fuel. Contact us today at 855-GO-FUELZ to get started.