Tips for Alabama Fleet Fuel Policies

Tips for Alabama Fleet Fuel Policies | Fuelz cardSee this shocking quote from Alabama’s governor about your fleet spending…

But first:

If you’re looking for tips for Alabama fleet fuel policies to reduce your fleet spend…don’t take things too hard.

Because your own government didn’t do anything about it for years.

That’s right, it wasn’t until Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed Bill 57, which gave powers to the Alabama Department of Transport to investigate how the states fleets were spending their money, and how they could save it.

At the time, Governor Bentley made this unbelievable statement about bill 57:

“A fleet management program is one of the recommendations made by the Commission on Improving State Government, which I established to help us reduce government costs and operate more efficiently…”

In other words, at the time of this bill, there had never been a single program to manage the government’s fleets, of which there are over 8,800 vehicles.

Alabama lost out because of its lack of thought.

Imagine how much money Alabama lost on its fleets. Just adding anti-idlers to 339 city vehicles is saving the city of Columbus, Ohio over 1.2 million dollars in the program’s first year.

Now think about Alabama – where we have over 100 cities and towns. What if we added anti-idlers to all of the vehicles. The savings on municipal traffic alone would be going into double-digit millions.

Just with anti-idlers.

What Else You Can Do

Now, imagine what this can mean to your fleet. Everything you do makes a difference, whether that is vehicle mod, fuel monitoring, diesel price plans or getting a price slashing fuel card.

Learn From Alabama’s Mistake

The first step is getting a fuel policy in order. That will already put you ahead. Once you’ve got this established, make sure that all of your drivers and staff know about it, and what their responsibilities are under its mandate.

The Benefits of a Fuel Card

If you’d love to go green for the good of nature – or for your pocketbook – one of the best way to so it is using a fuel card, which will knock down your expenses and give you a lot of control over what goes on along the road.

Fuel Grade

Fuel grades need to be decided on and the right grade enforced during each purchase. Using a fuel card – especially one produced by a transportation company rather than a bank – will give you all of the safeguards you need to make sure your policies are observed.

Fuel Brands

You can control what fuel your drivers purchase – this will give you consistent value and quality going into your tanks.

Pump Pay

When you reward drivers for paying at the pump, you’ll save money on C-store trips, get them back on the road more quickly and move your product faster.

Time and Location

When can your drivers buy…when can they not? These are questions that you can answer with the safeguards you program into your fleet cards, which make this instrument vital when you’re pursuing the lowest price with the most controls.

Even if you can’t afford the vehicle mod…these card carrying tips will pay off.

Big time.