Is it Time to Give Your Fleet a Facelift?

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The decision to upgrade your fleet requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure you identify cost-effective solutions that keep operations running efficiently. If you put off this important task, you run the risk of vehicle safety issues or losing employees to competitors with newer vehicles. Upgrading equipment can detract from the bottom line, but the rebates, discounts, and expense controls you get from a fleet fuel card maximizes your budget when it’s time to give your fleet a facelift.

Know When to Upgrade

For most fleet vehicles, the magic number where you need to consider replacement is 100,000 miles. Aging vehicles often need more frequent and expensive repairs. In general, if the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, it’s a better idea to just replace it.

Safety First

With so many fleet upgrade options available, safety should be your number one priority. Upgrading to ergonomic seating keeps drivers comfortable and alert, reducing downtime and workman’s comp claims for back and neck injuries.

Alerting systems reduce the risk of accidents. They can also identify risky driver performance and behavior. This protects your business from costly insurance increases and citations, among other obstacles.

Timing is Everything

The last thing you want to do is schedule your entire fleet for upgrades and maintenance at the peak of your busy season. Plan ahead to identify upcoming deadlines and periods of high demand to stay productive and profitable. If the timing of repairs can’t be avoided, look into working with a fleet leasing company to keep drivers on the road.

Buy Only What You Need

Space apart big purchases. This protects your bottom line while cultivating a profitable relationship with your vehicle dealer or service provider. Identify the most urgent needs, and get those equipment upgrades first. Be leery of the added bells and whistles that look appealing but don’t really add utility to the driver’s working environment.

Consider Quality Over Cost

A proactive fleet management system will ensure that you don’t risk having to replace an entire fleet of dilapidated vehicles at once. If employees are frustrated with the operational state of their current vehicles, you risk losing them to competitors who offer better equipment and amenities.

A run-down fleet can also dissuade potential customers who are looking for a company with a more professional appearance. By keeping your fleet running well and looking great, you’ll be able to retain customers and employees while staying safe on the road.

A Fuelz fleet card is one great way to manage your fleet’s spending. On average, our fleet card saves you up to 15% on overall fueling expenses, and can be customized to your fleet’s specific needs. Contact us or call 855-GO-FUELZ to stop losing money at the pump and have better control over your fleet today.