Three Ways Fuel Cards Benefit Small Trucking Businesses 

Benefits of Fuel Cards | FuelZ

Small trucking companies face many challenges. Rising fuel costs, traffic, congestion, driver shortages and regulations are among some of the many trials small trucking companies will face at some point or another. Situations that a larger company could take in stride can quickly become a huge dent in a smaller company’s profit margin. One way to attack these challenges head-on is to find a way to utilize fuel card benefits. Here are three ways small trucking businesses can save.

Limiting Spending and Tracking Data

As a small trucking business, the number one way to save with a fuel card is through tracking purchases made and setting limits on spending. You can set real time alerts that will keep you abreast of any abnormal charges like unauthorized snacks or personal gas fill-ups. Do you want to make sure the card is only usable during the day or for certain amounts at fill-ups? No problem. Utilize a fuel card with on-the-go customization. With the traditional paperwork associated with filing and managing fuel receipts, you may not realize when money is slipping through the cracks. Go paperless and let the fuel card do the work for you.

Saving Costs

Fuel cards save you money through per gallon discounts brought to you through deals worked out with fuel suppliers. These, though just cents on a gallon, add up to surprising amounts over time. For example, consider a 3 cent per gallon discount. It may not seem like much, but over a year it adds up. Multiply that by 7,000 gallons a year that the average truck uses and you’ve already saved $210.00. Multiply that by a fleet of 20 trucks and you have $4,200.00 in savings.

Presenting Data

Similar to how larger trucking companies use data, with a fuel card, you’ll be able to have the edge you need in a competitive industry. Odometer checks and fuel card reports will show you gas mileage, which will allow you to see which trucks are running well and which may need service. This same metric will help determine whether you ought to have a conversation with drivers burning excess fuel through a driving style that is heavy on the gas or those that are missing large amounts of fuel. Most importantly, what you’ll learn about the levels of integrity and accountability in your fleet will have great potential to improve your company. Managed correctly, everyone involved in fuel card processes will benefit as profits begin to rise.

If you’re a part of a small trucking business and you think your company can benefit from implementing a fuel card program, consider us at Fuelz! With over 40 years in the fleet fuel management industry, we offer a completely customizable fuel card created to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to start saving!