Things to Consider When Buying a Used Fleet Truck

When buying a used fleet truck, it’s likely that you have a list of requirements, such as age, miles, fuel efficiency, and much more. Although a Georgia gas card can help with your fuelling, your used truck needs to be relatively efficient to begin with, or you’re wasting your money.

Specifically buying a fleet truck is a safer bet, generally, than buying from private dealers, as the former will usually come with a wealth of data about its history, such as repairs and maintenance. If your new purchase has been in a crash, you’re likely to find out before bringing it the yard. Here’s what else you should consider when making this purchase.

Basic Items to Consider when Purchasing a Used Fleet Vehicle

Knowing the engine history and maintenance records is very important, as any truck with over 700,000 on the odometer is probably going to require an engine rebuild soon. It’s also handy to know how often the engine’s oil was changed, as well as what parts have (and have not) been replaced. You should also measure the tread depth of the tires, ascertaining how much life is left in them.

Suspension, wiring, drive train, transmission, and rear ends are also important to consider because they make up the overall structural integrity of the truck. If something is going to need replacing soon, it’s imperative that you’re in the know.

In addition, you should do some online research to answer questions like:

  • Does this truck model have common problems?
  • Do some of its parts have a tendency to require replacements over “x” amount of time?
  • Will it benefit from a Georgia gas card membership?

These factors will influence your running costs in the future, so gather this information now so that you’re aware of your future costs.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Fleet Truck

When fleets update their trucks to more modern models, they often want to get rid of their old trucks. A repair shop will be able to provide you with a wealth of information on the used truck you are interested in, such as mechanical history information and maintenance information. They may even be able to contact its regular driver, and they can advise you on the truck’s condition and how it drives. Just bear in mind that some drivers can be hard on their trucks since they aren’t the ones paying for maintenance and repairs.

While you’re shopping for a new fleet vehicle, don’t forget about the cost savings that a fuel card can provide. At Fuelz, we know that “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work, and that every fleet is different. Contact us today to learn more about the solution that’s right for you.

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