The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Fuel Management

As a small business owner, it takes efficient operations to stay competitive, service your customers and generate a profit. Small trucking businesses with fleets between 25 and 100 trucks can’t absorb the impact of overspending on fuel like larger carriers can.

That’s why more and more small business owners and operators are turning to a fleet fuel card to help them manage their fuel costs.

Here’s a guide to fuel management for small business owners.

Look for a Fleet Fuel Card with Robust Online Tools

Reducing fuel costs is a top priority small business owners. A fleet fuel card can help small business owners with this goal. Fleet fuel cards save money for small businesses through rebates and discounts that accrue every time drivers use the card at the pump. However, there are several other benefits to using a fuel fleet card that can make a big impact on the bottom line.

Tracking and Reporting Tools

A good fleet fuel card makes it easy for a small business owner to monitor fueling activity. Your fuel card program should be integrated with online data collection tools so you know what kind of fuel is being purchased and how many gallons are being pumped in a single transaction. Identifying information on each vehicle, each driver and regular odometer readings enables you to monitor driver compliance with policies.

Look for a fuel card partner that provides simplified reports online to help you evaluate usage patterns and address issues before they start to drain company resources.

Receipt and Expense Processing

Small businesses have fewer employees but just as much work to do as other companies. Don’t let your employees get buried in paperwork, receipts and expense reports. Without a fleet fuel card, drivers must submit paper receipts and expense reports which must then then be audited and approved by a manager. Then a reimbursement check must be issued.

Partnering with a fleet fuel card company can automate most of these time consuming manual tasks. This will eliminate hours of paperwork processing and leave your staff available for more valuable tasks.

Make Sure Your Fleet Fuel Card Covers You Wherever Your Drivers Go

Broad Coverage

A small business may have fewer trucks in its fleet but still travel long distances and service regional areas. These operators must make sure the fleet fuel card they use is accepted in all the regions their trucks operate in.

Every mile a driver must travel to find a fueling station that accepts the fleet fuel card your company uses costs your business money. Choose a widely accepted fleet fuel card so drivers won’t have to go out of their way or take a detour from the fastest and most economical route. They’ll waste less time and reach their destinations faster.

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