How to Stay Healthy on the Road During the Holidays

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It’s easy to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle when you spend majority of your time on the road. But, if you want to stay healthy during the holiday season, you can steps to make better health decisions.  

You can start by having a fleet fuel card that covers the costs of a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few more tips to get started.  

Treating Your Mind 

Life on the road can get boring. Mile after mile, winding roads, trees, and signs can allow you to easily get distracted from the road. With a monotonous drive, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole with your thoughts, causing you to lose focus on the road. Instead, treat your mind with a little fun to stay alert and fresh with these ideas:  

  • Download audio books or podcasts that don’t require deep thinking but are interesting enough to keep you alert. 
  • Ready to learn a second language?  With audio lessons, you can pick up a few sayings of a foreign language and practice aloud. Speaking out loud also helps you stay focused.  
  • Listen to your favorite music to keep you awake and upbeat.  

Committing to Good Sleep 

People often underestimate how important sleep is to good health. As a truck driver, you are living in the cab of a truck. It’ll be worth the investment to treat yourself to a firm berth mattress and pillow. The firmness will help you get a good night’s sleep.  

Keep a portable fan and heater for varying outdoor temperatures. Buy a white noise machine to block out exterior noise for a deeper sleep.   

Staying Active 

It is important to find time to exercise when you spend life on the road. Some suggestions you could try include:  

  • Running, which is your most inexpensive option. All you need is tennis shoes, workout clothes, and a place to run. Rest stops or trails are places you can easily get a quick jog in. 
  • Folding bicycles can be easily stored in your sleeper berth compartment or tossed in the passenger seat. Pull out the bike at rest stops and do a few laps around the parking lot. 

Eating Healthy  

Fast food gets its name for being quick and easy, but don’t let the quickness and low price distract you from its health consequences.  Some items you can add in to your diet are pre-washed fruits or vegetables.  

Now might be the time that you invest in a portable grill so you can cook lean meats while you’re on the go. This is a great way to eat nutritious foods no matter where you are.  

As a truck driver, your life may be spent sitting down and on the road, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of your body. With holidays around the corner, it is important that you start eating right and exercising so all the feasting doesn’t catch up to you on the road.  

With a fuel card, you’ll be able to start taking the necessary steps to putting your health first.  For more tips or fleet fuel card needs, contact us today at 1-855-GO-FUELZ to find more about what we can do for your business.