Say Goodbye to Paperwork with a Fleet Fuel Card Solution

Fleet Fuel Card Stack of Paperwork | Fuelz

As a fleet manager, keeping up with your bottom line is a daily, if not hourly, priority. Ensuring your drivers are making authorized transactions is always at the forefront of your mind. With all those transactions come receipts and trip reports—and lots of them.  

When you implement a fleet fuel card, not only do you save money, but you also reduce the amount of paperwork. Before the days of a fleet card, managers were forced to shuffle through hundreds of sheets of paper to get a clear view of the fleet’s spend. Read on to learn how fleet fuel cards will reduce the manual paperwork you’re used to doing each week.  

Reduce Manual Paperwork    

Now that almost everything can be done online, including fleet fuel management, the old days of snail mail and faxing are practically over. Previously, drivers would keep track of their paper receipts that would eventually find their way to a tall stack on your desk next to a mountain of paperwork.  

Now, managers and drivers alike can do everything through the fuel card vendor’s solution. You no longer have to keep up with physical receipts. When drivers make a purchase with the approved fleet card, the transaction information is instantly stored and shared with manager. Even better, with one universal, online platform, there’s no more finger pointing at who lost the receipt.  

Decrease the Need for Paper 

Between driver’s fuel receipts and printing off trip reports, fleet managers have a great opportunity to reduce the amount of paper used each day. By installing an online system to keep track of transactional and trip information, nothing needs to be printed unless managers absolutely need to. This critical data is instantly populated in the manager’s dashboard, speeding up the payment process and helping catch fraudulent behavior faster.  

In addition to reducing the need for printing, your reporting system should significantly streamline paperwork. The fleet card platform should generate one, consolidated report. The statement should show you only the information you need to make business decisions. So, even if you do need to print it, you’re guaranteed to reduce the amount of paper needed than years past.  

Formerly, managers needed multiple spreadsheets to compile information that can now be automatically generated in to a concise format. You’re reducing paperwork for you and the amount of paper previously needed to understand your fleet’s bottom line. 

Go Paperless with Fuelz 

Fuelz was built by a petroleum company, not a credit card company, and is an industry leader in fleet fuel cards. Save time, money, and paper when you implement a Fuelz card. Contact us today to get started or for further information.