Questions Every Georgia Fleet Manager Should Be Able to Answer

Questions for Truck Fleet Managers | FuelZWe’ve put together a lot of questions that we hope your fleet manager can answer immediately. If he or she can’t, maybe this person should invest in a fleet card. It will help answer many of these issues with deep, far reaching data that puts aces up their sleeves, and saves money, too.

Remember, these are questions every Georgia fleet manager should be able to answer… they’re important and will indicate that you’re saving money, or that you’re aware of at least another area where you can.

What is the number of miles your drivers are on the road each month?

Once you know this, you’re well on the way to understanding the total extent of your expenditures and the resources you need to bring your logistics where you need them.

What are the gas stations they frequent?

Are they pumping where you want them to? If you align a fuel card with the proper settings, you can dictate exactly where your drivers can use them and get detailed reports. You can also get more power to bar your fleets from certain gas brands or pumps.

What grade gasoline do they purchase?

This includes the grade level, which is obviously an important issue when it comes to money saving.

Consider the trade-off between higher grade and increased performance and engine life, versus cheaper fuel. Higher grade fuels can extend the life of your catalytic converter, which is a pricey item that contains platinum.

However, over the many miles your drivers ride you may still be paying for it with higher fuel expenses. Do the math and find out what makes the most fiscal sense. Consider fleet repair to get the most efficiency with the cheapest gasoline.

What are their average miles a gallon?

When you know this number you’ll also know a great deal about the worth of a single mile. Consider finding the best routes on your fleet scheduling map to cut out unnecessary mileage.

What fleet card do you use?

Choosing a bank backed fleet card versus a petroleum company fleet card can make a big difference in the amenities you receive with the card, and the amount of help you’ll receive from your vendor.

What are their total purchases?

Both cards should allow you to decide exactly how much in extraneous food purchases your drivers can make. Just like choosing gasoline grade and brand, material purchases made on your fleet’s cards add up fast.

What have you done to make the trucks more efficient?

For example, adding anti-idling technology can actually save you millions of dollars from a constantly working fleet, such as police vehicles in cold climates, or work vehicles in hot climates. Technology can save you gas while you still keep a temperature controlled cab.

What would you love to do to make the trucks more efficient?

You’ve got so many options when it comes to maximizing the output of your fleet – from running more efficient fuel to staging major vehicle modification.

If these options aren’t on your bucket list, getting a fleet fuel card is a great middle way to savings that add up to significant income. If you can’t change the vehicles – you can tailor the behavior of your drivers and save money with a fuel card.