Pros and Cons of Fleet Technology Changes

Fleet technology has come a long way from road maps and hand written logs. There are now small GPS devices as well as tracking software. For a fleet manager, the trick becomes choosing the right technology for the job. Sure, tools like the Fleet Fuelz Card are beneficial, but what about driver-tracking solutions? Or mobile applications?

To help clarify a few subjects for you and your fleet, here are some pros and cons of popular fleet technology today:

Pro #1: Improved Driver Safety
Now you can track accidents, migrate risks, and keep drivers healthy with the help of technology. Today, there are software companies that specialize in analyzing drivers’ behavior and habits. The software works to identify which drivers are at a greater risk of an accident, so you can take the proper steps to prevent it.

Con #1: Mismanagement of Technology
In many cases, the technology you implement will rely on co-workers and fleet drivers in order to work properly. Often, it is the driver who is responsible for managing the technology. As a result, a successful implementation depends on their training and willingness to participate. Don’t let your new tools be mismanaged – make sure your employees are on board, trained well and up to the task beforehand.

Pro #2: Increased Productivity of the Fleet
One of the biggest reasons to implement new fleet technology is to increase productivity. Many tools, such as mobile applications that monitor vehicle locations, can streamline your operations and shed light on new routes that will save time and money. Use technology to increase your fleet’s productivity by communicating more effectively with drivers and storing relevant information.

Con #2: Choosing the Wrong Technology
The hardest part about fleet technology is picking the right options for your company. With so many options out there, it’s easy to pick the wrong solution. First, test trial anything before incorporating it across your fleet. The trial process can remove the risk of choosing the wrong technology. This holds true for everything from new vehicles to GPS tracking devices and other forms of telematics.

The Big Takeaway: Always do your research when it comes to fleet technology. It never hurts to have as much information as possible before making a decision. And while you may be on a deadline to implement a program, take your time and weight out all the options. A great solution that is past the deadline is better than a wrong quick decision any day.

The Fuelz Fleet Card also offers information and reporting to help keep your fleet efficient. With our dynamic reporting, you are able to customize your notifications and access transactions immediately to address any issues or discrepancies. Our automated reporting also eliminates the need to sort through receipts, which can save your company costly administrative time.