What to Do After You Order a Fleet Card

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You know that a fleet fuel card benefits your team because as the fleet manager, you remain in control. But do you know what to do once you’ve committed to one? It is important to be educated on your card’s benefits and features, as well as its limitations. Here are some steps to take after you get your fleet card.  

Decide Appropriate Use of the Card  

Create a plan with your drivers so they know how to use your fleet card. Some guidelines you might want to include are:  

  • Daily spending limit 
  • Which stations they can fuel up at  
  • What grade or brands of fuel they can purchase 
  • What hours they can use the card  

Review Your Transactions  

With information at your fingertips, it’s easy to pull up and review reports. They will help you determine the most common driver spending habits. Here are some examples of unusual spending habits: 

  • Purchasing items outside usual business hours 
  • Fuel-ups exceeding the tank capacity  
  • Buying non-fuel purchases, like drinks, cigarettes, or food  
  • Fueling up multiple times a day 

To stay on top of every dollar, set up email notifications for when an unusual purchase occurs.  

Set Purchase Limits  

To stop any inappropriate purchases before they happen, set controls on your cards. You might want to set restrictions on your card for fuel and fluid purchases so you don’t end up paying for your employees’ candy bars. These unauthorized purchases can really add up across the board.  

Calculate the Cost to Run Your Fleet  

With a fleet fuel card, you’ll stay up-to-date with odometer readings and other vehicle data. It’s helpful to have this kind of data on hand. If you suspect that your driver is wasting fuel and not driving the route assigned, you can track his or her whereabouts. These reports will help you keep track of how your vehicles are performing. This can also prevent repairs before it is too late!  

Deactivate Your Card If It’s Lost or Stolen  

If your card has been lost or stolen, it’s a total nightmare. With a credit card, it could take several transactions and thousands of dollars in purchases before the card is turned off due to fraudulent activities. With a fleet fuel card, it’s easy to minimize the potential loss by turning off your card immediately or by setting spending limits per day. If the stolen card is used for over the set amount, then the credit card company will notify the card owner. 

Teach your employees how to use their fleet card, and let them know that you can view all of their purchases! This should keep them in line. If you’re interested in a fleet fuel card, contact Fuelz. With over 40 years in the fleet fuel management business, we’ve come to understand what fleets need out of a fuel card. Call us today at 1-855-GO-FUELZ to get started!