Managing Fleet Maintenance

Keeping drivers safe, efficient and moving is top priority for the fleet manager.  This helps the organization achieve its sales and service goals. In order to accomplish this, fleet vehicles should be serviced on a regular basis.  Here is a list of maintenance items to keep your fleet in top shape:

  • Know the essentials of cost savings with preventative maintenance. 

Routine maintenance helps reduce unscheduled downtime and repairs.  This can include oil changes, tire rotation and general safety checks.  Keep up with oil changes and be sure to maintain tire rotation and vehicle inspections. Generally, this is the only time a vehicle is inspected for fluid levels, air pressure in tires and other safety issues.

  • Know your total cost of ownership.

Notice your maintenance costs and be aware of when they begin to rise based on vehicle age.  Keep an eye on the manufacturer’s warranty coverages and how it can impact the cost of ownership.  It is also helpful to know the trends in the used vehicle market and best time to sell the vehicle.

  • Clearly communicate the company policy with drivers. 

Make sure all of your drivers are knowledgeable of their responsibilities with the company vehicle as well as the company fuel card.  They should have a complete understanding of your company’s maintenance policies and how to handle vehicle repairs or accidents. 

  • Check tire pressure regularly

Oftentimes, tire pressure, a simple safety measure, is overlooked.  Tire pressure affects many different things such as vehicle handling, fuel mileage and tire lifespan which contributes to driver safety.  Another overlooked aspect is the effect of air temperature.  Make the habit of checking vehicle tire pressure with all of your drivers.

  • Partner with your fleet maintenance provider.

If you outsource your vehicle maintenance, work with your fleet maintenance provider to gain a partnership.  If a vehicle is down, that equals setback for the company.  Gaining a relationship with a maintenance provider can ensure they will get to the vehicle quickly.  Minimize downtime and optimize efficiency with a fleet maintenance program.