The Importance of Fleet Management Transparency

The Importance of Fleet Management Transparency As new technology continues to permeate the trucking industry and transportation in general, it’s becoming more and more essential to work smarter and faster. This can take hold in many ways, whether it’s the slow rise of robots and automation, the use of QR Codes, blockchain-based transactions and data exchanges, or overall logistics overhauls which aim to increase speed and efficiency. It could be a state-of-the-art tracking system or a Tennessee fleet card which allows fleets to save money on fuel. However fleets decide to up their game, there’s one thing they simultaneously need to keep in mind – transparency.

Supply chain management is undergoing serious overhauls thanks to a mixture of growing customer demands and ever-faster technology. As a result, transparency is becoming key for fleets in the modern era. With the modern tech which is now available to these fleets, there is simply “no excuse” not to make your entire delivery and supply chain journey as transparent as possible to all the stakeholders and parties involved, whether they’re a supplier, client, or home consumer. If we can use our smartphones to remotely order and track a taxi’s whereabouts in real time, we can certainly apply the same logic to a fleet of trucks which are carrying bounties of expensive and previous goods around the country.

All-in-one solutions are needed

Of course, this push for efficiency and transparency is not new, and transportation companies have continually attempted to integrate various solutions into their systems with varying levels of success. Whether its tracking systems, data management systems, or communications tools, there’s a common problem among them all – one can do what the other cannot. It hence becomes difficult to find a one-stop-shop solution which offers the speed, efficiency, and transparency that modern trucking companies require.

The solutions that trucking companies need would have to allow them to observe relevant data in real time, enabling fleet managers to make data-driven decisions which would affect their KPIs and bottom line directly. The technology needs to be able to track shipments and communicate with staff members, all the while remaining transparent and trackable. New blockchain-based technologies, which allow multiple parties to converge in one digital environment, are making this kind of future a closer reality than previously thought.

Operational visibility

Competitive fleets must now strive to instill operation visibility along a broad spectrum, providing stakeholders with data, updates, and solutions in real time. Nothing kills efficiency more than miscommunications and people being “kept in the dark” regarding what’s going on, and complete operational visibility will greatly reduce this downtime, allowing all team members involved in the transportation process to receive exactly the same up-to-date information as every else and acting accordingly. By having access to data and analytics which are correct and timely, workers will be able to make data-driven decisions which benefit the fleet’s operations as a whole, thereby increasing productivity.

So how would this look in a real-life setting? Well, a shipper might receive real-time updates and billing visibility, while a carrier is simultaneously able to view communications between the broker and the shipper, in addition to document management tools and GPS updates regarding the whereabouts of goods on the road. Similarly, a transportation broker would have the tools necessary to comply with the carrier and shipper requirements while ensuring that the shipment process runs smoothly and as planned from start to finish. A Tennessee fleet card company, such as Fuelz, might even be able to view real-time data about fuel levels and fuel expenditure in their partner fleets, tailoring their services and offers as appropriate.

How a Tennessee fleet card could help you

If you’re looking to improve your fleet’s overall transparency and efficiency, you should certainly consider investing in a Tennessee fleet card, which would be able to provide you with bespoke offers and deals regarding fuel purchases. With our Tennessee fleet card, you will be able to view detailed reports which detail where all of your dollars are going and exactly how much your drivers are spending on fuel, allowing you to further increase your transparency and make appropriate changes.

With the Fuelz fleet credit card, you’ll be able to save as much as 15% on fleet fuel expenditures, allowing you to save money and invest in new technologies which keep your fleet competitive and efficient. Our management customization options, real-time admin controls, and dynamic financial reporting can add to your repertoire of useful data, enabling you to steer your fleet in a direction which makes sense financially, productively, and competitively.

Looking to save money on your fleet’s fuel costs while taking advantages of all the data analysis benefits that a fleet card such as ours has to offer? Speak to a member of the Fuelz team today to find out more about our valuable Tennessee fleet card!