How Partnering with a Fuel Card Company Can Help You Cut Down on Paperwork

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As a fleet manager, drowning in paperwork can become routine. Operating a fleet constantly produces more paper to process as your business grows. Receipts pile up on your desk from drivers’ expenses ranging from gas to road repairs.

All that paperwork is takes you away from other important things. You need a solution that saves you time. Partnering with a fuel card company will save you time and money. Here’s how.

Go Paperless With A Fleet Fuel Card

Eliminates receipts. A good fuel card company will include an online monitoring service. With a fuel card, purchases are automatically uploaded into the system for analysis. This means that you won’t have to deal with collecting and organizing receipts.

No more lost receipts. Nothing slows down operations like lost receipts. Without a receipt, you can’t account for what is being spent by your drivers. You want to trust employees, but lost receipts can really throw a monkey wrench in driver-manager relations, creating doubt on occasion.

With a fleet fuel card, you can see exactly what your drivers are spending money on by checking your account online. Limits can be set so that this new convenience doesn’t become another problem in the making.

No pay and reclaim. Drivers get frustrated when they have to use their own money on fuel for their trucks. Keeping track of their receipts for reimbursement can also be a nuisance. This leads to trucks that are brought back to the lot empty, which decreases productivity for everyone.

Fuel cards cut out this hassle, making drivers and administrators daily lives easier.

Save you time. You probably spend at least a couple of days each week keeping track of receipts and transactions associated with them. A fuel card service will enable you to save time. If you as a manager are processing all the receipts, this will free you up to focus on other pressing matters. You’ll be able to get a lot more done each day. If it is handled by your administrative staff, they will be able to get more done for you in a day.

Say Goodbye to Paperwork with a Fleet Fuel Card

With the Fuelz Fleet Card, you can kiss paperwork related to fuel purchasing goodbye. You’ll enjoy our comprehensive fuel reporting with built-in expense tracking and real-time reports. You’ll also enjoy the money-saving per-gallon rebates and discounts.

In addition, you can set limits according to your company’s needs. Need to implement restrictions on the card like time of day or gallons per fill-up? Fuelz has you covered.

Contact Fuelz today to find out more about how we can improve your purchase tracking and reduce your fuel costs.