How Much Fuel Am I Losing to Aged Fleet Trucks?

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If you run a truck fleet, you are constantly looking for ways to improve fuel economy. You probably find yourself asking how much fuel you are losing to aged fleet trucks. The answer is that you are probably losing a lot more than you think.

Old trucks can get as low as 4 to 5 mpg while new one’s push 6 to 8. This may leave you searching for fuel saving solutions like improving aerodynamics. You may also consider efficiency tools like fuel card services to help save money. Read on to find out more.

Maintenance for More Miles from Each Tank

If your fleet has a lot of older vehicles with low fuel efficiency, focus on proper maintenance that will make a tank go further. For example, having the right air pressure can make a big difference. Air pressure creeps down over a period of months, and before you know it, you are shelling out real money for extra fuel.

Also consider synthetic oil next time your crew changes the oil. The advantage of synthetic is that it reduces engine wear and increases efficiency. You also can go longer between oil changes as well, saving you on labor and oil costs.

Aerodynamics Slice through Your Fuel Costs

Your old truck might be more like a box moving through the air then an aerodynamic rocket of modern engineering. But take heart. Aftermarket aerodynamic parts are compatible with both old and new semi-trucks in your fleet.

Each piece may not make a huge difference individually, but when you couple the efficiency of a nose cone, side skirts, trailer tail, and wheel covers you are looking at cumulative fuel savings that add up. Proper aerodynamics can save 15-20%. That’s around $5,000 a year, per truck at two dollar-a-gallon prices.

A Fuel Card Moves You to the Savings Fast Lane

Using a fuel card for your fleet can help save your company money. Finding the right card can save you even more.

The right fuel card will have important benefits like per gallon rebates and transaction monitoring as standard features. If you want real time controls that let you prevent unauthorized purchases, then you have to find a fleet fuel card provider that offers that service. With extra data that monitors each truck individually you can identify specific trucks or drivers that are causing a drain on your fuel budget.

Get Started Implementing Fuel Savings

Each one of these techniques will keep your old trucks from taking too big a slice out of the fuel budget pie. FuelZ can help with the addition of our Fuelz Card to your cost savings plans.

FuelZ gives you a per gallon discount coupled with real time reports and expense tracking capability. With this knowledge you can set the time of day and total gallon spending limits.

Contact us today to find out how a Fuelz Card can save you both time and money.