How Does the Size of Your Fleet Affect Fuel Card Services?  

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Every fleet manager is looking for a solution to keep fuel costs in check. Utilizing fuel card services is a sound way to manage fleet expenses. However, fleets can vary considerably in size and this can affect what benefits you derive from your fuel card provider.

There are ways to benefit from a card provider no matter the size of your fleet. Here are some ways the size of your fleet affect fuel card services.

The Size of Your Fleet Affects Buying Power

Larger fleets typically purchase a higher volume of fuel. This enables them to negotiate discounts with fuel stations. Because of their size, smaller fleets lack the buying power of larger fleets. If a smaller fleet works directly with a fuel provider, they may have to purchase a specific number of gallons before they receive a discount or they may only receive an introductory discount that expires after the first 90 days of a contract.

However, a fuel card services company can pool all of its customers together to obtain significant discounts on fuel for both small and large fleets. The fact that their client base represents thousands of vehicles means that the fuel card services company can level the field for fleets of all sizes.

Fleet Size Affects Fuel Card Controls and Customization

Some fuel card companies provide the same level of control and reporting options no matter the size of the customer’s fleet. However, a lack of customization hinders instead of helps fleet managers. The ability to customize controls, data, and reports saves fleet managers time and frees up administrative resources.

For example, some fuel card providers only offer smaller fleets soft controls such as sending alerts when spending exceeds certain thresholds. On the other hand, other fuel card providers offer customizable account controls that enable fleet managers set per day, time of day, and fuel type controls in advance for each driver and vehicle. This approach helps ensure fuel cards are only being used for authorized purchases while keeping fuel costs contained.

How to Find a Fuel Card that Fits the Size of Your Fleet

Finding a fuel card services provider that meets the needs of your fleet is easier than you think. The Fuelz Fleet Card offers comprehensive services and negotiating power whether you manage a large or small fleet. Plus, Fuelz offers easy to use, hands on account management options that are fully customizable. When you sign up with Fuelz, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation with a representative who will match the needs of your fleet with the fuel card program that works best for you. Contact us today to start benefitting from the Fuelz Fleet Card.