How Complete Customization Has Changed the Game in Fuel Card Services

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In any industry, the more control you have over cash flow, the better. Put it this way: If you are on a budget but don’t have ways to actively stay within that budget, then you will fall short of your budget goal. When it comes to managing fleet spending, complete customization of fuel card services has changed the game. Customization allows for specific controls that ensure your employees avoid what your business considers as unnecessary spending. Customization has completely revamped the way that fuel card services work for you. Here’s how: fservice

By Keeping Your Team Accountable

As a fleet manager, you’ve most likely hired drivers that you believe are good, honest, and hard-working. Too often, though, an employee will reap the benefits of company resources for his own personal use. Therefore, you need a level of transparency. With the use of a fuel card, you will have more visibility into how your drivers are spending company funds. You’ll also be able to set controls such as spending limits and acceptable products for purchase.

By Providing More Than Just Perks

Fuel cards have evolved to include many more benefits besides basic spending limits and perks. Now, you can set times of day for fill-ups and gallon-per-day limits automatically. This allows you to disable the card at night when all of your fleet’s trucks are inactive and therefore purchases by an employee would be personal. Also, these changes can be made on the fly, whenever necessary. For instance, if you want give your drivers a bit more freedom, you can easily set up your fuel card account to notify you only when irregularities occur. Applying time-of-day specifications to your fuel card, you will save your company money.

By Giving You the Data You Need

With the use of a fuel card, a great deal of data is available to you through your computer or smartphone. The data collected is extensive, especially when coupled with odometer reporting. Miles-per-gallon and cost-per-gallon metrics allow you to understand and schedule for needed truck maintenance and driver training. The beauty of utilizing a fuel card is the fact that you can tailor the data you record and how it is presented to fit your company’s needs, making your job much easier.

Fuelz Fuel Card Services

At Fuelz, we understand that your fleet does not operate on a pre-built model. You have specific needs and require flexibility in your fuel card. That’s why we’ve built the Fuelz Fuel Card, which is completely customizable. Alongside our customization options, we offer extensive nationwide coverage and our experienced, in-house customer service team. For more information on how our card can save you money and improve your fleet processes, give us a call today at 855-GO-FUELZ!