How the Fleet Management Career is Changing

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Even though fleet management is a relatively new career, changes are expected to transform the career path for drivers to a more corporate route. As the manager, you’re always protecting your bottom dollar, whether that’s by reducing costs, administrative time, or theft and fraud. Using a fleet fuel card benefits your team as this industry is changing.  

Here are some shifts you can expect to see for fleet managers.  

Technology Enables Expansion 

Years ago, fleet management focused on understanding the economics behind fleet and asset management. As technology begins to change, this will become more important. It will draw in new fleet managers that are not only analytical, but also effective communicators. Plus, new features will enhance the driver experience. The problem here is that managers will want to work in a dynamic, forward-thinking environment where technology is being utilized.  

Millennials Are Proving to Be Flight Risk  

More than likely, vacancy in fleet manager positions will be filled by millennials. The fact that tenured professionals are leaving the trucking industry is problematic. A great deal of knowledge and experience will be lost. Millennials, on the other hand, usually stay in positions for 3 to 5 years and then move on to a new challenge. This is troublesome since it takes years to develop fleet management expertise.  

Mature and Seasoned Managers  

Fleet managers wear many different hats, ranging from managing million dollar accounts and technology initiatives, to staying on top of employee efficiency. That’s why it’s important to hire fleet managers who are disciplined and can be flexible to work in different areas. Younger people will be attracted by this position because it gives them the opportunity to interact and collaborate across several groups within the company.  

Cost-Effective Management 

Fleet managers want to operate at the lowest cost possible by keeping one person in the position. When you are constantly rotating out managers, it tarnishes morale and deflates efficacy. As fleet complexity grows, it’s crucial to have an in-house subject matter expert that manages the strategic direction. If you’re a global organization, hire someone who can consult with regional and global partners.  

An educated, hard-working, and composed fleet management team allows your business to be highly effective and directly impacts your bottom line. Another way to improve your bottom line is by using a fuel card. If you already have one in place, you might not be utilizing your fleet fuel card to its full potential. A Fuelz Fleet Card can save you money at pumps across the United States. Customize options to control spending and setting limits, so everything works for your specific needs. To learn more about what your future looks like, contact us or call 1-855-GO-FUELZ.