How a Fleet Fuel Card Saves You Money

From personal use to supporting truck fleets, fuel is a critical component of our everyday lives. Fleet managers, however, need to keep on top of fuel efficiency and savings, as a fleet can easily guzzle gas when ignored. As a result, many fleet managers need standardization for their staff, and use Alabama fuel cards to save money.

But how exactly do fuel cards save you money? Here are some basic ways in which a fleet fuel card could save you money:

1. Fuel Cards Help with Budgeting

Fuel card companies send you a monthly report, which allows you to track your fleet’s fuel spending. This level of insight allows you to budget more accurately in the future.

2. A Fuel Card Can Highlight the Need for a Route Change

Fleet cards usually require drivers to take note of odometer readings. With in-depth reporting, managers can use this data to look into calculating more fuel-efficient routes going forward.

3. Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Supplying your employees with a fuel card (instead of a company credit card) means that they’re restricted in what they can purchase while working. If you think that one of your drivers is wasteful with fuel consumption, or if you simply want to have more autonomy over your fleet, ask your card company about setting purchase limits.

For example, you could customize your purchasing limits to a time of day, certain days of the week, a number of gallons per week, and much more. All of this ensures that your drivers don’t go rogue with your fuel card!

4. Fleet Cards Offer Discounts

Any fuel card will provide you with discounts on fuel and other fleet maintenance services. Partner merchants may also provide you with discounts or loyalty systems, meaning that you can save money both as a business and in your personal life.

5. Reduce Fraudulent Spending with a Fuel Cared

Tracking all of your fuel expenses allows you to keep a watchful eye out for fraud. Real-time alerts help you catch any suspicious or unusual transactions and sort them out as quickly as possible. These alerts eliminate thieving or dishonest employees.

Take control of your fleet’s budget again with a fleet fuel card from Fuelz. Our cards were designed by a fueling company, not a credit card company. We know that no fleet is the same, and one card does not fit all. That’s why we offer customizable options for our fleet managers. Fuelz fleet cards give them the flexibility their drivers desire but the structure the managers need to run an efficient fleet. Contact us to learn more about your card options and how you can start saving today.

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