Are ELDs the Solution Your Fleet Needs?

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By December 2017, ELDs will be required for all CDL drivers who keep a Record of Duty Status to document compliance with Hours of Service rules. While some fleets have been resistant to the mandate, ELD technology is an effective component of your fleet management system. ELDs can help fleet drivers and managers increase fuel efficiency and improve fleet safety — especially when paired with a fleet fuel card. Keeping paper logs will soon be a practice of the past, and you’ll soon discover that ELDs will change your fleet for the better.

Reduce Paperwork and Hours of Service Violations

Fleet managers know all too well the frustration of Hours of Service violations and spending hours on paperwork. HOS violations can result in costly fines, increased insurance premiums, damage to CSA scores, and even out-of-service orders. Around a quarter of all HOS violations result in an out-of-service order, which costs drivers hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A single driver who was careless or misleading with logs could have a damaging impact on the entire fleet and its operational costs. Using ELDs eliminates driver error, which is responsible for common offenses like log falsification, exceeding drive time, and form and manner.

Monitored Driver Behavior Improves Fleet Efficiency

Trucks equipped with electronic logs monitor driver behavior, allowing fleets to identify and correct unfavorable driving habits. Idling consumes about a gallon of fuel per hour, making a major impact on the fleet’s bottom line. Fuel economy is also decreased when drivers hit speeds above 65 MPH.

When fleet managers can monitor their drivers more closely, there’s an opportunity for further education or inventive programs for drivers that change their habits to increase fuel efficiency.  A driver incentive program also helps a fleet improve retention, combating the industry issue of driver shortages and high turnover rates.

ELDs also keep drivers safe on the road and reduce vehicle downtime. Drivers will be notified of available driving time, reducing the impact of fatigued driving. Almost 30% of crashes are caused by speeding or aggressive driving, which can be reduced by monitoring driver behavior.

Better Management and Customer Service

ELD technology gives fleet managers access to vehicle availability and location data, leading to a better workload distribution. Planning routes using GPS data increases driver efficiency and productivity. Because drivers and managers have access to the same information, such as GPS data, vehicle data, and available drive times, managers can address issues and problems without confusion.

When reviewing your fleet management system, don’t forget the importance of using a Fuelz Fleet Card to stay on top of fueling expenses. In addition to helping drivers save money at the pump, the Fuelz card gives managers online controls and real-time reporting that helps you proactively manage your fleet.  Contact us at 855-GO-FUELZ to find out more.