5 Things Fleet Managers Need to Know about Fuel Theft

Although it is unfortunate, drivers and staff can be tempted to steal fuel. Despite solutions such as the Fuelz fleet card making it easier for fleet managers to track their fuel, a fuel card cannot inform you of fuel theft alone! Here are five practices that could be

1. Draining Fuel from the Tank

Sometimes, a driver’s fuel consumption is overestimated, and this provides opportunistic drivers with the chance to drain any excess fuel directly from the tank, simply siphoning it out with a hose.

2. Fuel Bills and Vouchers Manipulation

While some companies may use fuel cards to let drivers purchase their fuel, others may also enforce bills and vouchers. Dishonest drivers can easily claim that their card or voucher was lost or stolen, while secretly selling or using it to purchase the fuel for themselves.

3. Creating Unnecessary Work

If drivers have personal errands to run, they may use a company vehicle to travel to the places they need to go, causing a waste of both time and fuel that are designated for company purposes only. Some drivers might also “create” work which was never actually completed in reality (although it cannot be easily proved), then keeping the “extra required” fuel for themselves.

4. Odometer Meddling

It is a serious crime in many countries to meddle with odometers, and the US is no exception. Seal the dashboard in order to prevent drivers from changing their odometer readings, which is much easier than you might imagine. Needless to say, messing with the odometer can allow shifty drivers to tap fuel without the fleet manager being any the wiser.

5. Fraudulent Fuel Station Operations

Whether you’re paying with cash or a fuel card, some station operators cannot be trusted. It is not unheard of for fraudulent fuel station operators to calibrate fuel pumps so that they leave some fuel in their own tank, letting them keep more of the fuel that your driver has rightly paid for. This allows the station operator to sell the fuel later themselves or simply increase the fuel station’s overall profit margins by ripping drivers off unknowingly.

Fleet managers need to keep an eye out for fuel theft of varying kinds, as this crime could easily be one of the most devastating financial happenings to your fleet’s profits. Whether you’re paying for fuel with cash or a fuel card, make sure that all the numbers add up as they should! For more information on choosing a fleet fuel card that’s right for you, get in touch with a member of our team. Our card was designed and developed by a fuel company, not a credit card company.

5 Things Fleet Managers Need to Know about Fuel Theft | Fuelz