Top 5 Things to look for in a Fleet Gas Card

tips-fleet-gas-cardThere are numerous gas card options available to the general public. However, when it comes to a Fleet Gas Card, there are a few other things to look for that a general rewards gas card does not offer. Here are the top 5 things to look for when shopping for a gas card for your fleet.

Discounts, Rebates and Savings

This is the obvious and most front-facing things that organizations look at when shopping for a fleet gas card. While you may find a fuel card that has a better initial gas discount, be mindful of other features (like gas-only spending and filling restrictions) when comparing cards. Another thing to look at is where the gas card is accepted, this will cut into any perceived savings that your organization would have been saving.

A Fuel Management Portal

This is one of the key differentiators from general-public gas cards and fleet gas cards. You can set things like purchasing limits and payment structure. When you are looking at signing up for a fleet fuel card, be sure to look into the administrative dashboard and what customization options you have available to you.

Real Time Configurations

Some fleet gas cards offer real-time updating of the card’s settings via the web. Prompts for the driver can be configured to update odometer readings to ensure accurate milage and fuel usage. These tools are crucial to keeping your fleet within budget and offering you the flexibility to make changes when needed.


Choosing a fleet gas card with a good fuel management solution will give you dynamic reporting tools. These fuel management solutions will even allow you to customize and automate reporting, which cuts down on your company’s administrative work. Other than just ease of use, real-time online reporting also gives you the ability to identify any budgetary problems.

Customer Service

Good customer service is something that is sometimes overlooked during the beginning stages of the decision-making process, but it is critical when you need help. Having a fleet card with a local, in-house customer service team makes all the difference when your organization is changing and you need a new fuel management solutions.