5 Stress Relief Tips for Truck Drivers

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Stress adds up for truck drivers as they travel on today’s highways. Careless drivers, construction delays, trip fatigue, and unhealthy diet all ramp up the stress in a trucker’s day. This can hinder the main objective of getting the cargo and trucks safely to the desired destination.  

Another stressor for truck drivers is keeping up with receipts from each stop at a fuel station. By incorporating fuel card services among the following six tips, you can help your drivers hit the road with ease. 

1. Good Food Choices 

Often the easiest food choices are the most detrimental and can lead to fatigue, or a “food coma”, while driving. Don’t worry, healthier snacks can be found at convenience stores or rest stops. Munch on snacks like pretzels, carrots, or fruit as you travel, and you will be more alert than if you grabbed a bag of potato chips, which are high in carbs. Over time, making better choices will become a habit.   

2. Sleep Well 

Hitting the road with little to no sleep is stressful. Take time for power naps during regular stops— especially if you start to feel drowsy. Make sure that you get the full amount of sleep your body requires to feel rested. When rested, you will find more mental capacity to react well to stressful situations you face on the road.  

3. Practice Deep Breathing 

Taking a deep breath is a great relaxation technique. When your body is stressed, often your breathing becomes very shallow. This means that your body and brain might not be getting the oxygen that it needs. A deep breath will be most effective when combined with stretching at your next stop.  

4. Learn, Laugh, and Listen  

Pass the time with engaging audio. Find a podcast with your favorite comedian, talk show host, or drama to keep you company on the long drive. Listening to a comedian will help you find humor when you might otherwise be stressed. Learn with audio books, engaging drama, or riveting political talk. An occupied brain will help you remain alert as you travel.  

5. Plan Your Route 

Don’t just let the GPS give you turn by turn navigation. Look at the route ahead of time so that you can be prepared for challenges you might face on the way. Better yet, have an atlas as a backup so that you can still get there if your GPS fails. Leave a 30-45-minute buffer to account for unexpected delays. Your journey will be more relaxed, and you won’t feel the need to drive fast or dangerously to make it to your destination on time.  

One More Tip 

Implement these tips, but also remember the benefits of a fuel card. It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress for your fleet manager and drivers alike. Drivers won’t have to wait to get reimbursed with receipts, and managers can have more control over spending. Everyone will be less stressed. Call Fuelz today to experience the fuel card difference.