3 Top Challenges Georgia Fleet Managers Face

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Fleet managers in Georgia handle challenging issues every day when staffing, routing, and maintaining hundreds of vehicles across a state with 159 counties and the 8th largest population in the U.S.

However, for many fleet managers, it’s the big picture issues that are the most challenging. These issues center on saving money for their companies and using their time effectively.

The good news is that technology has advanced to a point where a Georgia gas card can address many of the challenges fleet managers face. Here are three of the top challenges Georgia fleet managers are confronting and how a fuel card can help them.

Fleet Managers Challenged to Control Fuel Costs

Controlling fuel costs remains a high priority for fleet managers. With corporate leaders looking to maximize profits, fleet managers must save every cent possible at the gas pump.

One way fleet managers can control costs is through a fuel card service. The best gas cards offer per-gallon rebates and other types of discounts to help fleet managers save money. They also make it easy to prevent unauthorized purchases. For example, drivers may try to buy personal items, snacks, and food using the company gas card. A top-grade fleet fuel card allows managers to set limits on what type of items and fuel can be purchased.

Managing Driver Behavior is a Challenge for Fleet Managers

Fuel prices are volatile and are highly susceptible to news headlines. This makes it difficult for fleet managers to forecast expenditures and budget accordingly.

While fleet managers can’t control fuel prices they can manage driver behavior to rein in costs. Implementing a fuel fleet card program helps by providing technological tools to hold drivers accountable. These tools include controls on the time of day and number of gallons that can be purchased using a company gas card. Tools like these instill fuel discipline and facilitate good driver behavior whether fuel prices are high or low.

Saving Time on Administrative Tasks and Reporting Key for Fleet Managers

With so many day to day, “in the moment” responsibilities, fleet managers can feel hard pressed to find enough time for data analysis and reporting. Yet spending time reviewing and reporting data enables fleet managers to make sound decisions and keep senior management informed.

A good fuel fleet card program makes it easy to keep track of driver expenditures and save valuable administrative time by automatically gathering data and compiling it into a report.

The Fuelz Card provides fleet managers with solutions to these and other challenges they face. Contact us today at 855-GO-FULEZ to get started saving time and money using our customizable online tools and real time reporting solutions.