3 Tips for Preventing Cargo Theft

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Whether managing a fleet or being an owner-operator, cargo theft can be an exceptionally costly loss if preventative measures aren’t taken. The FBI estimates that there are between $15B and $30B lost each year among all cargo carriers. 

Saving money in the trucking industry isn’t all about fleet fuel card programs and optimized logistics, it’s also about protecting the product you’re moving. Here are some tips on staying current, information privacy, and physical prevention that will keep your product safe and your pockets full. 

Stay Current 

Security protocols are always developing and improving. Being knowledgeable of the industry’s best security practices will minimize your risks before your truck ever hits the road. 

Additionally, being aware of high- and low-risk products can help you prepare for dangers that could be headed your way. Food and electronics attribute 39% of all cargo theft, while alcohol and tobacco only make up 4%. Knowing the level of risk helps you maintain a higher level of caution when transporting certain products. 

Don’t Overshare Information 

With the content of your truck substantially impacting its risk of theft, it is crucial that as few people as possible know what you’re carrying. When socializing with other truckers at stops, be careful not to mention what you’re moving or where you’re going. Many criminals will wait at truck stops until they overhear sensitive information about a potential heist. 

Another measure that can be helpful is fueling up before you pick up a load. Criminals who camp outside of businesses, spying on what is being loaded or unloaded, are not likely to follow you a few hundred miles for a single job. However, if you stop to fuel up immediately after, you put yourself at risk. 

Physical Prevention 

Sometimes all the awareness and information sensitivity in the world isn’t enough to halt thieves from attempting to steal your shipment. Here are some steps you can take to stop them in the act: 

  • Keep your truck keys on you at all times. Leaving them in your vehicle makes it far too easy for someone to hop into the driver’s seat and disappear with your load. 
  • Consider adding barrier seals, hardened padlocks, and glad hand locks. These measures will make it very difficult to get into the trailer or re-hitch it to another truck. 
  • If your budget allows, some great high-tech options can alert you when the trailer has been opened and even immobilize your truck remotely in emergencies.

Taking the time to educate yourself or your fleet on current cargo theft security measures will be well worth it. Decrease your losses and increase your revenue by protecting your shipment through these preventative steps.  

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