3 Steps on the Road to Green Trucking  

3 Steps on the Road to Green Trucking | FuelZ

The trucking industry transports billions of pounds of goods every year and thus has a huge impact on our economy and the environment. “Going green” may just seem like a gimmick to get media attention but many companies take helping the environment seriously. However, making wholesale changes in the operation of your company can be intimidating.

Fortunately, there are a several tangible steps you can take toward a green trucking program that are easy to implement. Each of the them will give your company an advantage in preserving the environment and the bottom line. Partnering with a fuel card company can help you make the most out of these advantages. Here are a few of them.

Help Your Fleet Make the Move to Green Trucking

Use Aerodynamic to Your Advantage

A semi-truck cuts a big hole in the air as it travels down the road. This uses a lot of energy. Installing side skirts and tail wings can save a considerable amount by using aerodynamics to cut the hole through the air more efficiently. Adjustments can be made to lessen the distance between trailer and cab to decrease wind drag. Each of these help reduce the amount of energy exerted and fuel consumed.

Use Governors and AMT’s to Increase Efficiency

Limiting the top speed of your trucks on the highway with a governor will increase fuel savings. Just dropping speed by 10 miles per hour save will save a considerable amount. A truck traveling at 65 mph instead of 75 mph will experience up to a 27-percent increase in fuel economy.

Additionally, opting for an Automatic Manual Transmission on new trucks purchased will improve fuel economy. With this transmission, shifts are more efficient and consistent across the fleet, saving fuel. Reducing fuel usage is a benefit to the environment.

Switch to a Fleet Fuel Card

One of the biggest inefficiencies of a fleet is the basic maintenance that keeps trucks from performing at their highest levels. However, when you partner with a fuel card service, you are provided with detailed charts that can be accessed to determine which trucks are underperforming and therefore need maintenance. This maintenance could be as simple as inflating tires properly, changing oil, or planning a more fuel efficient route.

The Fuelz card makes it easy to get your company started on the road to being green. With the Fuelz card, fleet managers can monitor driving habits and implement steps to conserve fuel. Give Fuelz a call today and get started helping the environment while saving your business money.