When Should I Consider Partnering with a Fuel Card Company?

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As the size of your company increases in size it becomes increasingly beneficial to partner with a fuel card company. Saving time and money is always at the top of a business owner’s mind, and a fuel card has answers to many problems that come with running a fleet of vehicles.

Savings Opportunities

The more you spend, the more you can save with a fuel card. Meaning the more gallons you’re putting into your fleet, the more a fuel card pays off. Many fuel card companies have rebates or rewards to help you save money at the pump. Per-gallon discounts add up over time and can have a significant impact, even if it’s just a few pennies per gallon. Plus, not only can you save on gas itself, but you can prevent unauthorized purchases such as snacks and drinks by setting purchase controls. Purchase controls can be customized to include specific filling restrictions or fuel-only spending to ensure that your money is being spent in the right places.


As your company expands and more vehicles are added to your fleet, it becomes increasingly difficult to track things such as mileage, fuel economy, fuel cost, tax, purchase location, etc. By partnering with a fuel card company you are able to automate all the above data and see it in real time. Instead of sifting through a pile of receipts with handwritten descriptions of every purchase, you can now have all the information consolidated at your fingertips in a single report online. This makes it easy for you to instantly see the numbers that matter most to you and your business.


Customization controls go beyond fuel restrictions and what data you can see in reports. With a fuel card you are in complete control of your fleet and its spending. Being able to change your plan to meet the needs of your company allows you to adapt to things such as growth and budget changes. Without a fuel card, it’s easy for complications to arise and potentially drain your expenses. You can elect to have real-time alerts sent via email notifying you of emergencies and spending updates to prevent costly problems. Custom settings can also be enabled for individual drivers that control how much gasoline your drivers use.

Putting a Fuel Card to Work

If you’re ready to see the benefits of partnering with a fuel card company, sign up for a Fuelz Card! We understand that every fleet is different and that your needs will differ from other businesses. Fuelz is ready to meet the specific needs of your fleet because unlike many other fuel cards, ours was designed by a fuel company rather than a credit card company. Call us today and we will assess the needs of your fleet.