What to Look for When Partnering with a Fuel Card Company

Partnering with a Fuel Card Company | FuelZ

Fuel cards have many advantages for fleet managers. From setting driver spending limits to recording logistics data, a fuel card can quickly become your best friend. In fact, with a fuel card process in place, no longer will you have piles of fuel receipts to sort through. More importantly, no longer will you need to devote your valuable resource of time to collecting and managing the data that a fuel card can help you with. So if you’re interested in integrating a fuel card into your fleet, here is what to look for when partnering with a fuel card company.

Convenient Locations

First, just like cell phone coverage, you’ll need to make sure that the fuel card you choose has a large network of locations that accept the fuel card within the areas that your fleet operates. Keep in mind, a fuel card company that operates nationwide is a great option if your business, and thus travel area, is growing. A fuel card can have all the bells and whistles but if it doesn’t allow your fleet gas to get back home, it is useless.

More Protection

Real-time tracking is an important feature for fuel cards. Updates and alerts keep you informed of spending. Cards can be driver-linked or truck-linked. Data provided by the card coupled with odometer reporting will show driver practices relating to fuel mileage and good deals found on gas. Also, the increased accountability that tracking provides will help reduce losses from the company. Drivers won’t be able to hide using the card for personal fill-ups. With regard to trucks, you’ll be able to see which trucks are most efficient and which ones are consuming lots of gas. This excessive fuel consumption can pinpoint trucks that may need to be retired or need to have maintenance work done. Look for a fuel card company that offers record keeping.

More Savings

See how much the fuel card will give back to your company. Most cards have a per gallon rebate which saves money at the pump. Compare rebates between card companies. Even just a couple of cents per gallon can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

More Data

Find out how the fuel card company presents data to you. Does the company prioritize the data that it gives to you to fit your needs or is it jumbled together in one report?

More Control

Controls on the card are important. Cards can be customized to fuel only transactions or they can be limited to certain kinds of fuel such as unleaded, diesel or premium. You can also control the time of day that the card is used so that employees don’t misuse their cards after company hours. Look for a fuel card company that offers customizable options so you can set your card usability to match you and your drivers’ needs.

At Fuelz, we will work with you to seamlessly implement our fuel card services in a way that clearly aligns with your company’s goals. We understand that each fleet has different needs and therefore will excel in serving you because our fuel card has been designed with you in mind, based on our direct experience in the fuel business. For more information on the Fuelz Fleet Card, contact us today!