Trucking During the Holidays

Season's Greetings big rig truck with Santa

The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s time to make plans for parties, gatherings and family get-togethers. If you have a friend or family member that’s a trucker, those social functions may depend on a driving schedule. Here are some tips to help truckers stay in the Christmas spirit.


Drivers need to make deliveries as shippers require and we all know that the holiday season is the busiest retail season there is. While you may want to attend every holiday gathering, trucking doesn’t always allow for that. This makes the driver’s time off even more valuable. Try your best to avoid scheduling conflicts.

2. Christmas isn’t just on Christmas

If you know you’ll be on the road on December 25 or Thanksgiving Day, ask your family and friends if you can celebrate the holiday on another day. Sure it’s difficult due to varying work schedules, but it could be fun to make your own day a holiday. The effort put forth will make it even more special to your family and friends and show them you’re not just doing holiday things out of obligation.

3. Use your phone

From Facetime to Facebook Portal, there are so many ways to connect to your loved ones during this time and age. Use your personal device to send festive greetings and messages during the holiday season. Not able to physically attend the holiday meal? You can always join the holiday festivities through a smart device.

4. Spread Cheer

If you are working the holidays, other truckers are as well. No matter where you are, check-in with your fellow drivers, rest stop workers, and other employees that are doing the same. Share stories and traditions, maybe even sing a few Christmas carols. A little happiness goes a long way when you are on the road!

5. Take it with you

While you will need to keep everything to code, consider dressing up your rig with lights, antlers, tinsel or a Rudolph nose. You’ll be spreading Christmas cheer wherever you go! Play Christmas music on the radio as your traveling as well. Or, maybe just celebrate by buying yourself a little gift or a nice dinner. Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the season!

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can still celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. Wherever you are, make the most of the moment.

Happy Holidays!