How to Encourage Healthy Drivers with the Help of a Fuel Card

Healthy Truck Driver | FuelZ

Driving a truck for a living can lead to less healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways for drivers to take back their health while they are on the road.  It takes time and dedication, but it can be done.

Fleet managers help make things easier for drivers by using fuel card services. They can also play a role in helping their drivers practice healthy behaviors. Here are a few suggestions fleet managers can share with their drivers to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Encourage Drivers to Exercise Whenever Possible

It is hard to exercise on the road, but time can be made for it with careful planning. When drivers stop at a rest area or gas station to re-fuel using a fuel card they can take a walk around the truck a couple times. Even lacing up a pair of running shoes and running for a mile can be beneficial, clearing the mind and getting good blood flow again.

A quick gym can be set up with resistance bands outside a truck in minutes. With these short exercise breaks, drivers will be more alert and the fleet will be safer.

Encourage Fleet Drivers to Eat Right While on the Road

Out on the road there aren’t often many good options for healthy food, but there are ways that you can help drivers to be healthy. Just simple suggestions like foregoing the mayonnaise or getting grilled meat instead of fried can greatly reduce calories. Drivers can keep some fresh fruit in the truck to snack on instead of chips. Even opting for a salad can help (just skip the dressing as it often hides a lot of calories).

A fuel card can also help steer a driver’s diet. Applying fuel only options to the card will make it harder to add snack foods to the gas station tab, saving drivers from junk food and your budget from extra expenditures.

Encourage Drivers to Stay Hydrated with the Right Beverages

On the road, drivers often keep themselves awake with coffee or energy drinks. Coffee and energy drinks usually have too much sugar. Not only does the excess sugar cause weight gain, but it also puts a strain on the liver and can bring on diabetes.

Steering your drivers towards coffee with less sugar and saying no to energy drinks will put them miles ahead in health. In addition, a couple of bottles of water will also help drivers stay hydrated.

Looking out for the Health of Your Drivers and Your Company’s Bottom Line

The well-being of your drivers is just as important as the health of your company budget. The Fuelz fuel card helps your track expenditures and set usage controls with time of day, type of fuel, and gallon per fill-up limits. Keep your drivers and your bottom-line healthy with the fuel card services from Fuelz card.