Four must-have tools for any truck owner

What we keep in our vehicles is a personal choice, certainly. Maybe you keep some cash, a few emergency maps, and a multitool. Maybe you don’t even have a window scraper when winter hits. But every truck owner should have these items. They’ll get you out of most of your jams, and may even help a friend or stranger out of their tough spot.

Folding Shovel

We could spend a few pages listing the reasons why you should have a compact folding shovel in your truck. There are even versions of this tool that takes that handiness to the next level, with interchangeable heads that make it really several survival tools in one.

Tow Strap

Every truck needs a tow strap. At some point in your truck-driving life, you will need to pull someone out of a snowbank, ditch, or stream, or someone will need to pull you out. Don’t depend on someone else having what you need.

Duct Tape

People joke that duct tape fixes basically everything for a reason. It’s not going to repair your tire or fix your transmission, but it will help you out of some tough situations. Duct tape has high tensile strength and aggressive rubber-based adhesive. Most days you won’t need it, but when you do, you’ll be glad it’s there.

Emergency Car Kit

Trust us, someday you will be happy you have jumper cables, basic tools, gloves, reflective triangle, snow shovel, and tow ropes. Don’t be the person who has to borrow tools on the side of the road. Be able to take care of yourself.

Tools that every truck driver needs in their cab.