Credit Card vs. Fleet Fuel Card

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Between keeping up with receipts and issuing checks, the amount of paperwork truly adds up for reimbursing drivers. As a fleet manager, automating your workflow and administrative duties is a dream come true.  

When you implement a fleet fuel card for your drivers, you’ll do just that. However, some fleet managers may feel torn between a generic company credit card and one that’s specifically made for fleets. Here’s a comparison between the two to help you with your decision. 

Access to Data  

Being able to access the data from your drivers’ transactions is incredibly helpful when it comes to budgeting and reimbursement. A company credit card provides some information, but it does not drill down to the critical information that fleet managers need. They’re seeking Level III data that includes an odometer capture, the type of fuel purchased, the cost per unit, and vehicle data. 

On the other hand, a fleet fuel card can provide this level of detail. Managers can’t make solid decisions without granular information like the kind of fuel purchased, how many gallons were pumped, or accurate odometer readings.  

Company credit cards simply don’t provide this information. With this deeper level of analysis, managers can assess their fleet holistically and make more informed decisions about budgets, spend, and policy. 

Improving Policy Adherence   

Whether you use a credit card or a fleet-specific one, you’re able to put restrictions on what users can buy. Company cards certainly provide enable authorized purchases, but they’re not fleet-specific.  

With a fleet card, managers can limit how much, how often, and what exactly their drivers purchase. They give managers more control at the pump, which in turn, reduces fraudulent spending and better adherence to policy. 

Convenience and Support for Drivers 

It may not seem like much, but drivers that have to drive an extra few miles to fill up at a specific station can really add up, especially when multiplied across an entire line of drivers. Thankfully, fleet fuel cards offer 90% coverage across the U.S., saving your bottom line and drivers’ time.  

Any credit card service is going to provide analytics and an online reporting dashboard. Plus, both types of cards will have constant access to customer service and a 24/7 support line in case of an emergency.  

Manual Labor for Managers 

Either option will provide a level of automation for managers and administrators. However, with less transactions to sift through, you reduce administrative work.  

Plus, an automated system eliminates the mountain of physical paperwork that comes with manual reimbursement. Between receipts, reimbursement paperwork, and checks, the task to reimburse a driver can be quite daunting. Using a fleet fuel card significantly streamlines the reimbursement process. 

Ready to start saving time and money? Fuelz’ fleet fuel cards were designed by a fuel company, not a credit card company. Protect your bottom line and improve policy compliance with fleet-specific credit cards. Get started today by calling 855-GO-FUELZ.