How Fuel Management Can Help Your Fleet Succeed!


Automotive Fleet just posted a great article on rising fuel costs and the impact that this has on fleet management.

The price of fuel is always rising and the price increase can come expectedly through world political crisis situations or weather changes. Due to these fluctuations, managing your fleet with the best tools possible is essential to fleet managers.

The article also details the importance of fuel card controls and fleet management software. This allows a fleet to become more and more efficient.¬†Automation is key in providing accurate, timely data, and providing productivity gains from eliminating the need for manual touches of fuel data,” said Joe Broski, senior sourcing manager – fuel for Republic Services.

A constant challenge in ¬†fuel cost management comes down to managing the driver’s fuel usage, which is what things like the Fuelz Fleet Card. Automated controls and online fuel management makes the Fuelz Fleet Card a great choice for any fleet.

Source: Automotive Fleet