7 Best Tech Gadgets for Truck Drivers

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Technology has drastically changed over the past hundred years. These innovations allow technology to be everywhere truck drivers go, literally.  

Innovations like a fleet fuel card have made truck driving more secure and efficient. Life on the road for truckers is easier, safer, and more enjoyable due to certain tech gadgets used on the road. Here are 7 top gadgets truckers can buy for the road. 

1. GPS  

Perhaps one of the top perks of GPS technology is the ability to make truckers’ and fleet managers’ jobs easier. Truckers need advanced GPS systems that have specialized information such as bridge weight limits and fuel prices that the average consumer GPS doesn’t provide. This visibility and transparency instills confidence in each trip. 

2. Electronic Logbook Devices 

Electronic Logbook Devices (ELDs) allow you to create and maintain records of the trucker’s movement on duty. This technology enables truckers to record their duty status faster and more accurately. ELD apps are available on tablets and smartphones, though your employer may prefer a particular standalone unit. 

3. Load Boards & Instant Freight Matching  

This revolutionary technology opens the door to truck matching based on budget and needs. Trucking companies can post its carrying capacity, and wait for shippers to contact them, or they can search through loads listed by shippers and apply for a chance to haul them. Certain load boards like HaulHound can connect and accept shipments instantaneously.  

4. Telematics  

Truck driving is a very dangerous profession. Backup cameras, dash cams, and head-strap LED flashlights are just a few of the products have been designed to improve trucker safety. Telematics is an up-and-coming technology allowing instant communication between drivers and their dispatcher. This is extremely helpful to keep drivers informed of all accidents and other road hazards instantly.  

5. Bluetooth 

Bluetooth-enabled technology lets drivers be hands-free from a cellphone, radio, and other devices. Bluetooth can be used to connect two or more devices like a cellphone and a Bluetooth-enabled CB radio. By doing so, drivers can make and receive phone calls through their CB radio system without ever taking their hands off the wheel. 

6. Wi-Fi Hotspots and Satellite Dishes 

Truck drivers have plenty of free time when they travel over the road and a lot of that time is spent unwinding. What better way to unwind then Netflix?  Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots or satellite dishes provide internet anywhere to make this happen! Not only does it provide truckers entertainment, but it also can drastically reduce data charges on the company’s phone bill. 

7. HDTV  

Using an over-the-air digital TV antenna service provide access all the same entertainment options drivers have back home. These devices provide free signal so the company only has to pay for the antenna.  

The list of tech gadgets continues to grow for truck drivers. They have to make a living, so they want to make their life on the road as safe and comfortable as possible.  

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