4 Frustrations Fleet Managers Face Today

From fuel card services to truck maintenance, fleet managers have a lot on their plate. It can be difficult to run a fleet in a cost-effective and efficient manner, even if your fuel card services and vehicle maintenance are top-notch! Keep reading to review some of the biggest frustrations that fleet managers face in today’s trucking landscape.

1. Fleet Managers Face Unstable Fuel Costs

If there’s one thing that likes to fluctuate, it’s the price of fuel. Although things fuel card services can help, it can be incredibly hard to predict the future price of fuel because it is constantly changing according to the environment and market conditions.

Many fleet managers try to mitigate this problem by educating themselves on diesel vehicles, hybrid engines, electric vehicles, fuel-saving devices, and fuel card services with a good ROI. Although this helps, fuel costs are simply volatile by nature, making it hard to manage and assess ahead of time.

2. Fleet Vehicle Recalls

Recalls can be devastating for drivers and managers alike. As a result, OEMs are striving to ensure that everything is correct before a vehicle is sent on its way, reducing the likelihood of future recalls. Although this can cause delays in order-to-delivery times, a defective product or vehicle can have life-threatening side effects, so recalls are worth paying attention to.

3. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

Although fuel card services may plague some fleet managers’ minds, CAFE standards plague the minds of others. Even though the CAFE-inspired fuel economy technology will save fleets money on fuel, the technology will cost money to purchase, install, and maintain. Going forward, fleet managers will have to start considering more long-term solutions that adhere to the fuel guidelines, such as hybrid engines and electric vehicles.

4. Fleet Managers’ Driver Safety Concerns

As fleet managers are forced to meet demands for cost-effectiveness and productivity, they also prioritize driver safety. They must ensure that they aren’t putting their fleet in danger in the name of efficiency. If drivers get into accidents while on the job, it’s both a financial and paperwork burden for fleet managers, causing them to lose time and money as a result. More states are cracking down on distracted driving, something which can often conflict with the demands put on a driver who is trying to meet strict deadlines while staying in the loop with any developments.

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