4  Surprising Benefits to Bringing Your Pet on the Road 

Fleet Fuel Card Dog in Truck | Fuelz

As a fleet driver, it can get lonely driving long days and nights on the road by yourself. If you only interact with people when you use your fleet fuel card at gas stations or stop for a bite to eat, it can wear on you. To combat this issue, many trucking companies allow drivers to bring their pet along for the ride.  

Besides keeping you company, there are actual noted benefits of having a furry (or scaly) companion in your truck. Here are four surprising ways your pet can improve life on the road.  

Good for the Soul 

Think about how happy you are to have your pet with you in your home. Having your animal with you while driving long distances is no different. Their presence can cause your stress levels to go down and have a calming effect on your mood. Pets can also lower your feelings of loneliness and increase your overall happiness just by being along for the ride. 

Safety First  

While your pet is with you in your truck, you have a direct duty to keep it safe. As a result, you become a more aware and safe driver as you are now responsible for another life.  

Pets also keep you alert. Because animals need to use the restroom and most need to be walked, you give yourself breaks to rest as you tend to their needs. Most accidents are caused by sleep-deprived drivers, and having pets can help prevent such incidents from occurring. 

Better Bodies 

As previously mentioned, animals have to be let out to run around and relieve themselves. More frequent stops for breaks allows you time to stretch and get some exercise.  

Some truckers noted a significant improvement in fitness levels just from walking with their pet a few times a day. Playing with your pet helps get the blood flowing in your body and stimulates the mind. 

Personal Security 

Being on the road late at night and having to sometimes sleep in your truck may not be the safest, but it’s part of the job. Having a pet can be an added sense of protection and can deter theft and attempted break-ins. The pet does not necessarily have to be a big animal either; little dogs with a mean bark can do the job just as well. 

Check with Your Company… And Your Pet  

Some trucking companies allow truck drivers to bring pets along with them, and some do not. Make sure you are aware of your company’s policies before deciding to bring your furry companion along. If your company does allow for ride-along pets, a pet deposit is usually required.  

While your company policies matter, your pet’s wellbeing matters most. Ensure your pet is accustomed to traveling long distances in a vehicle.   

Be sure to let it out at rest stops, provide food and water, and of course, let it get plenty of exercise. Consider investing in a safety harness to secure them in case of an accident.   

Manage Your Fleet’s Expenses  

While bringing along your pet can provide great benefits, it is important to plan and budget accordingly. Now that you are managing yourself and your pet, remember to use the Fuelz Fleet Card to save up to 15% on fueling costs.  

The fleet fuel card has nationwide acceptance at over 50,000 fueling stations, which allows you to spend less time looking for a fuel station, and more time to run around with your companion.   

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