2 Tips for Saving on Maintenance for Fleets

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Every fleet is different. Some fleets are operated by small businesses that make deliveries to customers in local neighborhoods. Others are transcontinental fleets that travel hundreds of miles every day on behalf of large companies.

However, no matter what type of fleet you manage, all businesses must keep their vehicles in prime condition so they can stay on the road. Maintenance is the key to making this happen.

There are several ways that fleet managers can save money on vehicle maintenance but many don’t realize the role a fuel card company can play in keeping their commercial trucks, vans, and cars running well.

Here are two tips for saving on maintenance for fleets using a fuel card.

Use Real Time Tracking to Save on Fleet Maintenance

There are several ways to approach fleet maintenance. There’s preventive maintenance where you take steps in advance to keep vehicles in good operating condition and avoid costly breakdowns. There’s also reactive maintenance which addresses problems after a vehicle stops working properly.

Companies that use a fleet fuel card have an advantage when it comes to preventive maintenance. A fuel card does more than make it easy for drivers to purchase gas while on the road. A superior fuel card program provides real time tracking and automated reporting. This feature enables fleet managers to monitor the mileage of each vehicle.

Certain preventive maintenance items are due at various thousand mile intervals. By keeping track of mileage through automated reporting fleet managers will know when these maintenance items should be scheduled. Preventive maintenance like oil changes, brake servicing, and tire rotations reduces the chances of breakdowns on the road which are costlier to repair.

Use Online Reporting to Monitor Fleet Fuel Economy

Real time tracking and automated reporting also help fleet managers keep track of fuel economy. Poor fuel economy could be a sign that a vehicle needs maintenance. Knowing this helps fleet managers stay ahead of the game with preventive maintenance that saves money on emergency repairs. They can schedule maintenance checkups without causing disruptions to drivers or routes.

Poor fuel economy can also show the impact drivers are having on your fleet. The way drivers operate their trucks can affect fuel economy. Leaving the engine idling during stops, driving at inconsistent speeds, hard acceleration, and hard braking are all driving habits that can impact fuel economy. In fact, one EPA study found that these types of driving habits can reduce fuel efficiency on the highway by as much as 33 percent. These same aggressive driving habits can also send vehicles to the repair shop quicker and more often.

Automated reporting systems from a fuel card company that monitors fuel economy can alert fleet managers to these kind of driving habits. With this information in hand, fleet managers can take steps to encourage drivers to change their driving habits and reduce maintenance costs.

The fleet fuel card you use can help you save money on maintenance and gas costs. The Fuelz fleet card provides real time reporting that is accessible online so you can easily monitor driver habits and fuel economy.  Contact us at 855-Go Fuelz to get started saving on maintenance and fuel costs today.